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Recent content by dion7789

  1. dion7789

    UOW Roll Call 2010

    Bachelor of Science (biology and psychology)/Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and English literatures) 4th year
  2. dion7789

    Timetables for 2010 students.

    Each faculty/subject has different times..some of mine are listed already, just log onto sols, go to tutorial enrolment and it should come up what dates/times they open. Generally its mid-late feb depending on what faculty youre in
  3. dion7789

    work or study in easter break

    Easter is good to catch up on work, youmay have some assignments due the next week, but personally i have always worked this time, basically a full time load of 30-38 hours in the week just to build up my money, and will prob be working 20-30 hours every other week.
  4. dion7789

    Compulsory attendance ??

    I had a maths lecture that sent around a list with everyones name on it that we had to sign. This happened in almost ever lecture we had. They said they would take attendance in lectures into consideration come final marks, like if u were sitting on 49, theyd push you up to a 50.
  5. dion7789

    whats the best way to get to uni?

    I dont know if this is a serious q or not....but it doesnt matter how you get there. You will find a lot of people catch public transport to and from, so you wont be the only one if thats what youre worried about.
  6. dion7789

    would you let someone borrow your book?

    I only let certain people borrow my books. i dont let my best friend borrow my books only because they dog ear pages and crack the spines of their books. They claim books need to look like they have been read. I only have like one or two friends i can trust to return my books in the condition i...
  7. dion7789

    deliberately missing out on lecture or tutorial

    I dont see the point in skipping, more often than not ive skipped to get home earlier, there were only 2 buses home a day, one at 1230 and one at 530. I skipped all but 2 out of 39 hours of lectures for a statistics course and managed to get a c in it. I figure if i have more fun skipping a...
  8. dion7789

    SOLS accounts

    it shouldnt take that long to change, try again, it is case sensitive, make sure you didnt accidently chuck a capital letter or something in there, if not go to the password reset link and try again from there.
  9. dion7789

    SOLS accounts

    Hey. I have been working in the computer labs for enrollments for the past four days, so have faced this question a few times lol. As said above the account will take roughly 24 hours to activate, from then just log in, as said as well it is case sensitive so just be careful. I heard from a...
  10. dion7789

    Psychology Subjects

    Hey! I have a lot of friends doing psyc and started doing it myself but decided not to lol. You are correct in only seeing the one, for first year psyc there are only 3 subjects you have to do: psyc121 in autumn, and psyc122 and 123 in spring. So you have to do psyc121 and then choose 3...
  11. dion7789

    UOW 2009 Roll Call

    dion7789 Dion B Science (Biological Science)/B Arts (Philosophy and English Lit) 3rd Year
  12. dion7789


    Hey This is a link to the course handbook Bachelor of Psychology - 2009 Course Handbook @ UOW It says all that is required is 2 units of english, it doesnt mention science, but if youre thinking of doing science it woulnt hurt...it doesnt mention a uai there, but on the uac site, it says...
  13. dion7789

    Can you wear WHATEVER you want to uni?

    Thats essentially what i do. i think its what most people do. if you wanted to turn up in pjs you could, you'd get a few looks but othan that noone would really care...unless it is classes that have specific needs.
  14. dion7789


    I think that psyc would be enough, but with elective subjects it wouldnt hurt to do some physiology/anatomy subjects