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    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    Lol SAM is so right SAM: 94.45 UAI: 94.45 OMG...the same!!! =D
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    Post your 2006 HSC results here!

    chem: 86 eng ESL: 85 physics: 86 Sdd: 81 maths (2U): 94 Maths (3U): 46/50 UAI: 94.45 I'm Pretty HAppy =D
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    how is sdd ?

    itz mostly independent work Teacher can not teach SDD all you need is to learn is yourself =D
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    End of HSC Chemistry-glad or sad?

    yeah... mixed feelings i guess... But mostly glad
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    Hsc Harder This Year

    Not that chem is ur only subject... Or is it?
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    Hard Or Easy?

    well... i guess But the fact i got 7 days to study, and finish 12 past year catholic and independent paper...i feel confident, where most question are similar haha =D
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    How did you find the difficulty?

    easy That's it ANd i've finished it!
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    Hsc Harder This Year

    Re: Hsc Easier This Year harder? I dun feel that i reckon the catholic and independent paper is hard
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    End of HSC Chemistry-glad or sad?

    y sad... Life goes on! Be happy man. Now we have finished HSC!!
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    How Early Did You Finish

    I have 30min extra!! yay!
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    EDTA question.

    The solution is too concentrated therefore it is not that accurate
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    Mc Q14: Aas

    It C Remove the second value from the average. Because the difference is too much Therefore itz C
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    Hard Or Easy?

    Lol Easy! Finish HSC yay
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    Chemistry - general thoughts on the exam

    It is easy. I got 30min to check Thank god!! Now..NO more test!!
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    Is Chemistry your last exam? (merged)

    Lol.. it feels Great to finish!!! xD