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    UNSW Clubs - What are you going to join.

    Only two this year: 1. St Johns Society. 2. UNIT
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    Official HSC results.

    well done everyone. hey does anyone know if there is an excel file of the distinguishers list floating somewhere?
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    How much do you pay per week for your Fitness First Membership? [rip off]

    uni gyms are good to the point u have to wait and queue for everything
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    ilectures? >>help

    Hey guys wheres the link to ilecture? my lecturer says shes recorded it. but theres nothing found on webct or the ilecture website..?? how do you actually find the mp3 links? help.. :mad1:
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    anyone done GENM0804 lifestyle health and disease before?

    yo guys. I'm planning to do this next semester too.. but doing so I'll miss every tuesday lecture cus of work commitments. will it be be followable? does anyone know her contact for the course? (i may email her)
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    Discounted Commerce texts for $5!

    just burn them.. u'll get a better satisfaction lol.
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    Double Major help!

    y'd u bump this?
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    uni ball??

    I said before. balls in uni are located outside the chancellory. balls can also be found in the tennis courts, pool tables, the gym, etc..
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    Where can I find a competent QMA tutor?

    theres always pass
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    The UNSW bus queue at Eddy Ave

    dw. next week. ppl start skipping lectures. :)
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    how often do you go to the gym?

    english please..
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    u dont really need a textbook.. lots of people have passed without using it. That said... it's up to you if you want to pass? or do well..
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    Tutorials in week 1

    can anyone actually access webct vista yet? it still says access denied, please contact course co-ordinator..
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    do we...

    this year myunsw got smart. just check week 1 when viewing your timetable and it'll show only the classes you have on that week