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  • Early March... which is a nuisance because I have piano lessons and I'll have to reschedule them <_<

    Darn late Tuesdays.

    Though, if I get an offer in a week's time - I get to re-do my timetable and maybe I'll get a nicer one. Though my one right now is pretty nice.
    Well, maybe. The reverse may be true too - I thought I was going to like Economics because I liked Commerce... but no. I dropped it.

    I found it boring...
    Well, I think I'll enjoy it. I'm not sure... I should, from what I've gathered from it so far. Finance I'm not too keen on - but I'm willing to do something that I may not like just to broaden my options post-grad.

    And ah okay. That's good. Wise. I don't even know what job I want either - though I agree, as long as you like it, and you get paid well. =P
    Ah, Actuarial. I'd do that but apparently it's supermaths and... I'm not exactly too keen on that. I'm open to it - for sure, but I like the idea of modelling or stats (because it sounds fun). Still, for Commerce - you'd probably be better off doing something like Finance to give you a Business backing so you can get mathsy jobs when you graduate. No point doing management because... that, to me, won't exactly help you get a mathsy job. My two cents, of course.

    And for maths - apparently you can only take one. So... yeah. But we're all learning! Even me now. So just holla and perhaps we'll figure it out =P
    Hot chicks are important =P . They are like... inspiration for guys to study!

    But yeah, I'll tell you about the degree - if I get in! What are you thinking major-wise?

    My main worry is just the academic side... but I think I'll have great fun with joining clubs, making my own (see UNSW forums for two club suggestions... so far =P) and of course - the fabled: talking to hot chicks. Though I don't think I'll do much of that.

    I think I'll spend most of my time at university in the library doing uni work or walking around and eating - talking to friends all the time. If I can make them that is! Though I probably should. Maybe even reel in a few hot chicks to be part of that. That could be interesting. Though they'd most likely be taller than me!

    What about you though? Hopefully I get that much needed offer to B Comm/B Sc (A Maths). Then we can roam together =P
    Yeah, I'd agree with that. Due to this... technology we have now - my guess is that people are not communicating face-to-face more and so that interpersonal bond one gets in friendship won't be as pronounced. I think it's something about actually being with friends - that's why I suppose those girl groups always trust each other tons because they're always around each other.

    My guess of course.
    Oh those silly sheep... though yes, you can't really deny your heritage - it will always catch up with you. Good to see you didn't fall into that!

    And better to see you've found a new group of friends.
    Oh so you mean like being attempted white? =P

    Yeah they are silly - like those Chinese girls who dye their hair blonde. I hate them with a passion.
    Someone thought my post here: http://community.boredofstudies.org/showthread.php?t=254541 , where I say "I'd like to be reminded I'm in Australia =P" or something was deemed "offencive and racist" by another user.

    That same person can't take a joke. I think the "=P" denotes it - but seriously, that guy or girl shouldn't be on the internet - they obviously don't know how proper internet users denote jokes in posts.
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