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    Urgent Help !!

    hello people, I just formatted my pc to download Windows Live Messenger , and nokia n series pc suite , it says i need to have windows xp service pack 2. I went to download windows xp service pack 2 from the net , however it just seems to be stuck on one page displaying " Checking...
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    chris lawyer and thomy

    hey ppl from wher cud i get the lyrics for chris lawyer and thomy's 'we gonna feel it' track ?? thankss
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    Could hebE really over his EX, if relationship had to end because of DISTANCE

    Re: Could he be really over his EX, if relationship had to end because of DISTANCE well just coz he mails his ex , duznt mean he isnt over her...i tink u shud just ask him abt them emailin....hez ur bf n if uz both trust each other, it wudnt b hard for him 2 tell u d truth....
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    master of commerce/master of business

    i dont tink dats true....i tink it will tk around 1.5-2 yrs.....!!!
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    Whats your style??

    Favourite Brand ? Esprit Favourite designer label? Sass & Bide Favourite Shop? Sportsgirl Latest purchase? a top from S&B Next purchase? dunno....i dont plan wat 2 buy...once i go shopping....i loot the shops n buy watever i like.... What do you have on lay-by? i dont lay-by...
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    Which is the best uni for business/commerce/economics?

    Re: USYD vs UTS. Who's better Need 2 make quick decison usyd is the BEST !!!! :D
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    Too late for extension units?

    yeah u can change ur units n stuff till the census date...
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    the UOS outlines will contain the above info abt textbooks n stuff, also ur lecturers in the 1st lecture will tell u wat books to specifically purchase .....u can purchase them from co-op or from texts in the city.....
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    Semester I Timetable (2006)

    the lectures usually finish 5 mts bosch 2 eatern avenue shudnt be a prob even if ur a medium paced walker......even i dunno where woolley is ????:confused:
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    USYD Favourite hangouts on campus

    wentworth the nachos....:)
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    One more unit to fill

    i had the same subjects as u in 1st yr.....i had done ECMT 1020 in second semester.....u cud do dat.....
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    wtf is "ACCT10011 Workshop" and why friday arvo?

    i dont remember havin any workshop 4 acct 1001.....maybe its a new thing.....
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    Commerce Students Help

    naaah...dont bother:) ....i dont remember using those topics in any of the above units..... goodluck....
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    Moisturisers! What do you use? Does it work?

    i have always used Clean & Clear moisturiser.....i like it....:)
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    the usyd text list is mostly the last one 2 come up on co-op website.....