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    Anyone heard anything re onstage?

    yeah my pretty little costume design just got sent back. how very annoying.
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    Well Is It What U Expected?

    i thought it was a joke. a total and utter waste of time. art was supposed to be simple! section1...was absolutely ridiculous! a and b were the worst questions i have ever seen in my whole entire life...c was ok. the essays were disgusting...i ended up doing question 8 and doing a pretty good...
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    WOOOOOOO how did use go

    but you had to mention it...that was part of the syllabus. we were required to know it and talk about it even though it wasnt explicitly stated...
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    Anyone run out of time?

    I was writing right up until she said 'pens down'...i finished but i could have used another hr... what about the short answers? i spent a full hr on them and i didnt have enough room. i had writing all up the sides of the pages and across the top. they have to read everything on the page, right?
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    A Few Extracts From My Extended Responses

    well i didnt decide to take that exam seriously until after the trials, where i got 51%...and im fully expecting a band 6, i did so much work...
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    Religious Rites

    i wrote about the one. i agree that if they specifically wanted 2 they would have asked...i think the point of that question was that it could be interpreted as either one or two...i mean, it'd give the markers a little variety. how much would it suck reading a hundred thousand essays on exactly...
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    WOOOOOOO how did use go

    i thought it was great! i did 2u and didnt do any work the entire yr...then learnt the whole course in the gap between trials and hsc...and man am i glad i studied! i had all my quotes to disney, the circle of life...and the little was awesome!
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    Japanese Continuers

    Re: Japanese Continuers ... ridiculous.. i thought it was heaps easy! the listening...i understood for the first time in my entire Japanese-speaking career. the reading was AWESOME! i also wanted to write something really obnoxious back in that letter but then realised i didnt really know how...
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    Satan wrote that exam

    It was painful. It was was one of those things that i never want to be unfortunate enough to encounter ever again. ever.
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    oh noes!

    man oh man. who else wishes theyd never taken ext eng to the HSC? it was the class that i trudged to. and almost fell asleep in. i dont mind watching or reading cf but i sure as hell never want to analyse it ever again. what a nightmare. on the other hand, for someone that didnt study, didnt...
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    What Did You Think?

    what the hell syllabus point were they asking for cf essay? i couldnt decide whether to write it on the vehicle for other focuses one, or just the setting being integral to the text. i went with the setting after writing a page and a half on the other and then going 'nup.' man oh man. what a...
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    How Many Pages Did You Write?

    Holy gee! Omg...i only wrote wasnt nearly as bad as i thought it'd be. i really didnt study though...and im so happy they didnt ask us to write an essay on genre!!
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    Easiest Test Ever!

    It was easy as. I actually started laughing when we read through the paper and got told to shutup! Before the exam i spent about 10 mins looking for a 4-leaf clover (just to annoy my bf who told me i was ridiculous) to wish for 3 essays. I didnt find one...but man i was happy anyway. Positive...
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    How much u wrote and wat mark u expect ?

    i did 26 pgs all story was pretty essay was pretty 'i-dont-wanna-tlk-about-it'...and i had about 20 mins to do section 1. not the best paper in the world...but im fully expecting top marks for my story. Anyone study malouf? well i fully ripped off that story in the best...
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    creative writing poll

    well i wouldnt say its absolutely necessary...however, it's all useful in developing ur english skills...i mean...creative might need to talk urself out of a ticket or something one day and how do u expect to do that if you have no imagination or experience in creative writing...