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  • For sydney we have to enrol in person. But how can they expect you to make your own timetable and such. To be honest the whole idea is so confusing. I have no idea what i am doing, i read the handbook and couldn't really pick up on what to do. They use to much jargon. It is unfair to students who might not have older siblings in university that can help them out with the process.
    Hey, thank you for your reply to my questions. i was wondering if i could ask you another quick question?

    In the Dixon workbook the questions said " explain the impact of a depreciation of the $AUD on the BOP"

    In their response they said this:

    A depreciation of the Australian dollar has mixed impacts upon the different components of
    the balance of payments over time. In the short term, a depreciation would increase the
    Australian dollar price of imports, increasing import expenditure and worsening the balance on
    goods and services.

    Shouldn't import expenditure go down, since its more expensive to purchase imports?
    i guess now we'll be on opposite ends of the spectrum now. science vs commers and syd vs nsw. It's funny how things turn out i can swear it was like yesterday i first talked to you.
    What exactly did we bet on? Yes there is def the possibility of transferring, as it's not as anal as medicine. But fingers crossed i can get in with the flexible entry scheme, it would be so much easier. SO what are you hoping to do?
    haha. do you remember our little bet? i was looking at my visitor messages. i think you beat me. Nevertheless i'm happy, though i don't think it will be just enough to get me into nutrition since it is highly competitive.
    Hey Mate!!! Nice meeting you today!! Good Luck & Let me know how it all goes with you + Sahill!
    hey for my firsting generalling math exam i getting 25% then this one i improve 27% still band 6 in my binoculars?
    wonderthinking about my ATAR and supposementing if i can 90 ATAR absorbing in me? rank for math 50/20 i need to improve fractions :(
    I reckon you should make a thread in the HSC section about this.

    Wasting time is not doing anything constructive or beneficial with your time. Now the catch is, what is beneficial and constructive is very subjective. Like my mum will say that I waste my time playing CS, I tell her that it relaxes me and cools me down. To me it is not wasting time, to her it is.
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