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Recent content by Failure12

  1. Failure12

    2004 HSC question

    So I hav this inclass assessment task right before the trials...and the question is the 2004 one. "With reference to legal issues and remedies, evaluate the effectiveness of the law in protecting consumers, suppliers and mnufacturers" I have all the info and i wrote a practice essay that is 5...
  2. Failure12

    Umat-Section 3 help

    Hi guys... So i did not bother with any umat prep courses but i downloaded the 2 past papers when i registered. After having done both...i hav no clue how to attack the section 3 questions :spzz: I literally go blank and can't find any sequences. Can someone advice me how i can improve on...
  3. Failure12

    Stupid Exam Timetable..

    I feel your pain...in that week, I have legal studies, chemistry, biology and French. plus French is on the same day as Biology. Seems like I was destined to fail ><. I dont know how i will prepare for all 4 subjects in one week considering bio,chem and legal have so much notes
  4. Failure12

    A question about ranks?

    I have no idea...but i doubt its even in top 200 because its fairly new. The first HSC for the school was last year
  5. Failure12

    A question about ranks?

    Hi...this is my first post here But i have a question...All the teacher are always saying ranks are the most important and you know its important to come first. I understand how the ATAR works but I was wondering...what rank do you need to be in order to get an ATAR atleast above 85..Im doing...