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    SO - How'd the 04-erz do??

    WOW! We all did soo well! AWESOME! I got 49 internal and 49 external so i'm doin a jig over the moon at the mo. Great to get your name in the paper to huh! Well done 04-erz! *continues Jig*
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    Official UAI Thread: Post your UAI's here

    I didn't really push for UAI because i wasn't thinking of going to Uni but i got 78.85 and if id applied for the disadvantaged school thing i would have ended up with 81.85 (they add three points) AND if i'd applied to Wollongong Uni i would have ended up with 84.85!! (they add another three) So...
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    Eng Ext 2

    GO SUPER KATIE!! awesomely cool stuff...i got a very cool 49 external and....shock horror...49 internal...............overall v happy! CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!! from what i've read so far we've rocked the socks off jocks!! luv yaz hydra. :D
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    SO - How'd the 04-erz do??

    Hey everyone, So...How'd u all do? Is anyone else V happy with their marks?? i know i am!! ;D post ur brags and/or whines here!! In the official-unoffical-officalless EE2 marks thread!!! luv yaz Hydra.
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    Best/Worst Novel

    Best: Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen Worst: ............nothing really comes to mind...
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    best subject eva

    Hhahahahaahhaahaha... well - since it's all over....i can now admitt to ppl - (with proof in my journal) that i changed my concept no less than seven times!!! - is the answer.....hahahaha peace out + GOOD LUCk 05ers!!
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    best subject eva

    I agree. Put anything that gives you inspiation and if you mindmap ur ideas - do that in your ee2J as well. My poems were based on the themes and events of Alice in Wonderland/Through the looking Glass - and how the Protagonist (in my Anthrology) uses the story to relate her experiences...
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    Art Express Nominees- Post your works here

    i didn't get short-listed but 3 of my friends did!!!! so congrats to them!!!!!
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    anti's Guide to Writing Creatively

    P.S - one of the girls in my class did a really good Creative Writtin thing 4 her trials -- she wrote a narrative from the perspective OF THE JOURNEY [as in - she personified the journey]....i know at least 20 ppl who are gunna do something like that in the exam now! :D
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    anti's Guide to Writing Creatively

    ANTI = "I've noticed quite a lot of you are struggling with the creative writing section of the paper, and I hope my advice can be of use to you. Creative writing is by far my favourite part of the English paper because for me it requires no prior study :D............" I've been...
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    Muckup Day/Week: Ideas, Photos Etc

    we got a warning note sayin that we're not allowed to hav a muck-up day (Shoalhaven high) - they threatened us with all this junk like - we won't get our HSC, we won't be able to go to our formal and blah blah blah......... INSTEAD they want us to REWARD the skool by holding a fundraiser of...
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    I did C.O.Wz 2 - but used photography (I also do photography as one of my subjects) I did 3 "Form" photos of myself and incorperated them into one of my artworks! :cool: - they were digital B&W + all i did was some simple photoshop + printed them out on cannon printer - photo paper!! - Done...
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    Welcome to Drama Anon

    Hi my name is jess and i have a chocolate problem................... (*CA crowd yells* Hi Jess!!) Ima chick (for all u slower than average boreders...) who will b 18 in Jan 2005 - (4mnths 2 go!!) - supa drama queen - like prac better than theory!! Best bud of hotcocoababe - A future...
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    pop culture

    we did Elvis as a class and then as research project my group did Mary-Kate and Ashley...
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    What Did You Get Out Of Your PIP?

    i did my PIP on a condition my brother has - so not only did i learn more about a behavioural condition that effects society - but i was also able to develop a better understanding of my brother as well!