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    how did u make friends in uni. did he get it in the first place? :confused: :p
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    10 Ways to Pass Those Tests ^^

    lol- that actually happened in my school- a couple of the guys hid an excel pocket book (which had all the important facts and stuff) in the toilet cubicle- and they agreed that one person takes no more than 5 minutes hogging the toilet- otherwise he'll get bashed. :D anyways- if ur outta...
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    10 Ways to Pass Those Tests ^^

    yeah- maybe he should do a list abt. the top 10 ways of cheating in an exam. :D ;)
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    Barbecues at Uni

    yep- gst is a federal tax as i mentioned!! :p
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    The best uni for a bachelor of business

    LoL at the 6 cents. :p
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    How does quantum theory explain blackbody radiation?

    and hence the "mr. english" person tops it coz he can memorise better. :rolleyes: :o
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    3U Past Papers

    but its closed down i think...due to the NEAP issue :S
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    USYD scholarship

    haven't u seen his photo's being posted all ova the board?? take melbournian's avatar for example. :D
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    Barbecues at Uni

    nope, its a federal tax- goes straight to john howard. :D
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    Barbecues at Uni

    i don't think so - think abt. it the gst is part of yeah, u would've paid way more than that it tax. :p
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    University Mid-year offers

    yeah, fees fees fees- should b used to that word by now. :p
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    The best uni for a bachelor of business

    well what sorta business ru thinking of opening- if its like a small business- then u don't need a degree for that! :p
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    could any body tel me how 2 do the questions of graph?

    well i don't think u would need that much if u join the army. :p
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    LoLz i got 11 kg for that. :D
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    10 Ways to Pass Those Tests ^^

    i know ei?? usually in hsc- the ppl. themselves collect it off ya. :D