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    BEST LAPTOP BRAND- Your Choice

    If you're going gaming on a 15 inch, definately not the G1, the 7700 is not as good as the 8600gt on the DELL i ordered(spec post earlier), the cpu is not santa rosa, 2gb ram instead of 3gb, worse LCD resolution, shitter camera, 802.1g instead of N all that disadvantages for an extra ~$200...
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    BEST LAPTOP BRAND- Your Choice

    What about zepto and alienware? gaming laptop ftw! I just placed an order on a Dell Vostro 1500 today, specifications as the following: Intel C2D T7500 2.2ghz (santa rosa) 120gb 15.4 wxga+ 3gb ddr2 ram 9 cell battery geforce 8600GT 256m Asus looks good but apparently fragile and has many...
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    is bored aussies down?

    well apparently, bored aussie's gonna be down for a while now. for all those active wc3/dota players, here's an alternative server just for the temporary substitution! this is another pvpgn server which doesn't require real cd key to play. there are great public/inhouse...
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    5 Bonus Uais?

    Meh i made into my 1st preference, doesnt matter now =) anyways a school called holroyd high school got most of their esl students bonus 5 uais, two of my friends go to that school, so im pretty sure its true.. then again, their school is within 500 metres away from my school, and higher...
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    5 Bonus Uais?

    ic well either way i shud have applyed, i didnt have a teacher for 4unit maths... and the education in our school is really crap cant believe none of the teachers mentioned this to me
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    5 Bonus Uais?

    my friends in the other school all applyed for this 5 bonus uai thing, and the condition is to sit the hsc exam when ur still in aust for less than 5 yrs... who else applyed for this thing? where do i get more info on this and how can i still apply??? if that is the case, then i cud have...
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    BIggest difference between assessments and exam marks?

    physics external 88, internal 80 economics external 81, internal 70 i ranked 2nd for both subjects!! dam those ppl who came 1st for assessment, cant they do good in real exam!
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    Teachers and their reactioons to HSC/UAI

    highest is me in my school! my teachers were all pretty surprised
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    me maths n uni..

    Sorry to bring this post back up! lol i actually got 94.5 Uai, and i think im going to actuarial studies!! yay unsw bcom!! and 1st in merrylands high school!! SIF! THEN I WUD HAVE GOT ZERO!
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    Wanted: Sales/health consultant, at townhall

    Our company located at Townhall Sydney is still looking for a number of sales/health consultant to join its firm (ft/pt).The company provides full training, therefore all applicants must be serious and willing to learn!! This job not only provide you with a great working experience, it also...
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    Post your 2006 HSC results here!

    eco-76 esl-83 physics-84 max2-91 max1-96 NSW UAI: 94.65 (by sam) isnt that a bit too high? i didnt expect such a high uai with my cramming
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    Post your 2006 HSC results here!

    UnitsCourses EnteredExamination MarkAssessment MarkHSC MarkPerformance Band Board Developed Courses2Business Studies68/10075/1007242Economics81/10070/1007642English as a Second Language83/10083/1008352Mathematics Extension 196/10096/10096E42Mathematics Extension 291/10091/100913...
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    Post Your Sc Results Here!

    i played dota the day b4 my last hsc exam LOL
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    places to go in sydney (suburb)

    oh yea macquarie too, been there a few times already need places that i can go with my gf hornsby heh? we might try it today
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    places to go in sydney (suburb)

    other than city, burwood, liverpool, chatswood,parramatta... what other good shoping areas r there in sydney? then again, what other fun places r there to go??