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    Any good Australian poems about immigrants/by immigrants?

    Definately Peter SKRZYNECKI, although I believe Shan TAN's picture books on the immigrant experience would be wonderful as well.
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    Some good justice related texts?

    The Oresteia, particularly The Eumenides. I also think you should check out books from the crime fiction genre which always inevitably encounters issues of justice/injustice.
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    After the Bomb Related Texts

    I wonder if Catcher in the Rye would be a suitable related text.
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    Help with Plath-After the Bomb essay

    Paradigms is an important term to know/learn as it essentially means "ways of thinking". When you are talking about different paradigms of a text you are talking about different ways of reading a text eg. social, religious, philosophical, psychological.
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    Related Text question.

    I think songs should be fine as long as it has some depth to it AND that you can extract a lot of meaning/links to belonging from it. I've seen it done with Creep by Radiohead.
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    ERAGON/ inheritance series

    Haven't read it but I personally think the book/series would be too long to analyse...I love Harry Potter, but I wouldn't dare to use it as a related text.
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    B Ed (Sec)/B A III Undergrad Seeks Tutees for 2012

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for people who are interested in/require the services of a tutor for 2012 in the areas of English/History/Social Sciences. I am a third year (going into fourth year) undergrad studying a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney. I have...
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    Belonging: Related Text Suggestions

    Re: films for belonging If you want quality films to use, I suggest you start with the academy award winners/ are a few I would recommend to use for belonging Up in the Air (the one with clooney, this one is really good. pay close attention to the baggage scene) An Education...
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    Is doing a song for a related text a bad idea?

    Do a poem, or an image. Avoid songs.
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    PIP "has the media created false expectations of romantic love"? fill out questionnai

    Re: PIP "has the media created false expectations of romantic love"? fill out questio Hi, i'm completing your survey now and I have a few suggestions concerning it: 1. You will need to change how to separate the age groups. I'm 20 and you've put 14-20, 20-30. That is really confusing for...
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    Is Society and Culture an interesting subject?

    Yes I agree with jnney. You won't know if it's for you until you try it out in year 11. Some may find the content hideously tedious and inconsequential, while others will find it thought provoking. Again, I personally found this subject really helpful in getting myself used to a lot of the ideas...
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    Should English be compulsory??

    Short answer: yes. But I am severely biased because I'm studying to become an English teacher. It should definitely be compulsory, but I am not too fussed as to whether it should be compulsory up to year 10 or year 12.
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    Is Society and Culture an interesting subject?

    Hello! It's been a while since I did SOC, but I can tell you that I personally found it wonderful and it was one of the best subjects to prepare me for university life. I would definately recommend this subject if you're planning on doing an arts of social science related course in university...
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    What's uni like??

    That is usually only the case with International students. Some but not all. And I wouldn't be so quick to count all chinese students as being "lazy as shit". I believe I work harder than most in any group assignment situation.
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    How hard is it to get a Distinction average?

    I agree with what everyone else has been saying so far.... the difficulty of attaining a distinction average is such a hard thing to have so many variables eg. the subjects you've chosen, your repore with your lecturer/tutor, your level of enthusiasm or engagement with the...