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    Chances of getting 90ATAR?

    :spzz: Hi I've done really bad in my school internal and still got my trials coming up in 2 weeks School Rank: 30s Internal Ranks: 30/40 Economics 15/ 120 English 30s/80 for 2U Maths (Not sure) 90s/ 110 for 3U (Not sure) 3/8 Modern History 6/7 Extension History I'm have...
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    No clue how to do Major Project !! Help

    I decided to start my History Extension project but realise I have no idea how to do it: Am I suppose to find as many sources to support my argument (not sure why my teacher told me to find 3 sources) Am I suppose to integrate these sources with 'historical' factual detail Pls help :spzz: