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    Ernst & Young

    It sure did!!! All the vaccies had a great time!!
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    Query on Vacation Work

    EY is $24/hr ( for audit anyway), so it's the same as KPMG
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    KPMG Vacation interview

    Thanks theone!!! :)
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    KPMG Vacation interview

    I'll be at EY over the summer :cool:
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    KPMG Vacation interview

    Hey, what can I expect from the recruitment day they have for vacationers at EY? I applied from AABS - Technology, Minerals and Property
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    Comm and Comm/Arts question.

    honestly....the additional 2 years for a not really worthwhile...which is why i might be dropping BA next yr and keeping the BCom only... What do you want to do in Arts though?? BUT... if you still want to do the BCom/BA kind of thing...consider the BCom (Liberal Studies) at...
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    Exam Bitching

    and its 32 degrees on thursday!!! and havent u noticed that it gets progressively hotter further back in the room...!?
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    Exam Bitching

    i did q1, 3 and 4 for macro and its the shits having an exam in upper tea house in this weather!!! tomorrow......ACCOUNTING... :confused:
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    Jays HK concert

    r u in Hk atm? im hoping to go to kelly's concert at the end of december! :D
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    (FINAL) Examination Timetable

    just the commerce core subjects for me no JAP 3B exam ...just like 3A last sem :D finish on the 18th!!
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    chinese single mp3 download

    just use WinMX its a file-sharing program...
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    Com@SydU v AFinance+ComAcct@MacU

    keep in mind its only higher cos more people want to get into the course....and its probably because of USyd's reputation more than anything else... and no one goes into uni knowing what the quality of teaching is anyway... but if i were u..i'll go with USyd too! :)
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    Com@SydU v AFinance+ComAcct@MacU

    I would choose Comm@ USYD...simply because it takes 3 years @ USyd and 4 years at can complete a double major in Finance and Accounting by doing a Bachelor of Commerce at USYD...which is more or less the same as a double degree @ MQ (applied finance and comm-accounting)
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    fav chinese song

    Canto: oi shi zui dai coon lei (i dont know canto pingying) english: love is the biggest authority/power
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    fav chinese song

    愛是最大權利 is MAD!