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  1. honky tonk

    Semester 2 Exam Timetable

    They just seem to get better and better... Thursday Nov 15 - Family Law Friday Nov 16 - Evidence Monday Nov 19 - Equity & Trusts Thursday Nov 22 - Administrative Law
  2. honky tonk

    what dose law courses include?

    Depends, again. If you decide to do the Professional Program (Option B - which allows you to practice as soon as you graduate), you're in for 50 units a semester and 180 hours per year of clinical placement. If you decide against the Professional Program (Option A - which requires you to...
  3. honky tonk

    what dose law courses include?

    Completely depends on what you combine Law with. I combined with Science, and I was looking at ~23 hours per week in first year. If you do Business/Law, you're looking at ~18 contact hours per week in the first semester. Judging by this year's timetable, you'd get no days off (that's pretty...
  4. honky tonk

    what dose law courses include?

    I would honestly put them on par with normal (3 hour) exams. It's entirely subjective, though, just like the idea that some people (i.e., me) prefer closed book exams to open book exams.
  5. honky tonk

    what dose law courses include?

    Definitely go for Business and then transfer, if you can. Getting reasonably good marks (credit average, perhaps) should allow you to transfer. The moots can be fun, but yeah.. the 24 hour exams can leave you feeling a little dead inside.
  6. honky tonk

    Urgent Query!

    It's usually not such a huge problem, if he e-mails the co-ordinator they will have to find him a place.
  7. honky tonk

    Rollcall - 2007

    LAWS4001 Constitutional Law LAWS4003 Civil Procedure LAWS4011 Property LAWS5061 Commercial Law LAWS4054A Legal Practice 1 - Part A LAWS4002 Administrative Law LAWS4004 Evidence LAWS4010 Equity and Trusts LAWS5063 Family Law LAWS4054B Legal Practice 1 - Part B
  8. honky tonk

    Save me

    "A candidate undertaking a combined law degree program must enrol in courses totalling at least 60 units each year and complete their first degree within four years..." - http://www.newcastle.edu.au/policylibrary/000044.html The workload for Law isn't too bad for the first three years, so it'd...
  9. honky tonk

    law at Newcastle?

    Congrats, what did you end up combining with?
  10. honky tonk


    I noticed that. Last year there were 12 courses with a cutoff over 90, now there are 3. Strange.
  11. honky tonk

    Sem 2 2006 results

    Spectroscopic Char Compounds - 81 Environmental Chemistry II - 76 Forensic Science II - 82 Contracts - Part B - 72 WAM so far - 74.29.. getting close to that D average.
  12. honky tonk

    Sem 2 2006 results

    I wager 2:45pm. Give or take a day.
  13. honky tonk

    law at Newcastle?

    Don't know anything about Psychology, but the B Science (Forensic)/B Laws course is no longer offered because it didn't have enough students each year (there are 16 in our current year). The Science/Law combination is a fair bit of work (a lot of people, myself included, find the Science...
  14. honky tonk

    Sem 2 2006 results

    Re: Sem 2 2007 results Prediction: Contract Law - C Spectroscopic Characterisation of Compounds - C Environmental Chemistry II - C Forensic Science II - D
  15. honky tonk

    Bi Annual Exam Thread

    Finished on Wednesday, glad it's all over. Anybody graduating next year?