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    the OC

    nah, it has to be like Dawsons Creek, and keep going way after the people who initially loved it, grow out of it.
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    the OC

    how easily some of us forget true beauty. <--- bring her back dammmit!
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    HELP!! Annoying Pop ups

    i posted in this thread like a year ago when i had a 'pop up' problem, and in the end i downloaded adaware and my computer was fixed. now im on a new computer and im getting them again except this time, when i try to download adaware it sends me back to a new home page that i cant change, which...
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    that surfing teacher (erica i think) is absolutley gorgeous. in my opinion, she's the hottest chick on tv at the moment
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    i always plan to watch it, but never have. what's it about? beer, chicks, bbq's??
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    the OC

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    im tapin it and watchin it later, but it seems very Party of Fiveish...
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    One Tree Hill

    who was charlie? can someone put him in context on dawsons creek??
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    Murali Reinstated

    furthermore!!! hows the hypocrisy of guy?! Not a single player, or even umpire (it would seem) have been allowed to comment on Murali’s action for like the past 10 years without getting a fine or being threatened with suspension, or even being labelled a fucking racist, then the guy rocks up...
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    Murali Reinstated

    haha i was just coming here to start another murali debate (hate thread). and its good to see a few people from the old debates ;) if murali's name was roberts and he was aussie he never would have played firstclass cricket. im prepared to listen to arguements of biomechanics, but this...
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    the OC

    i take it back. shoulda stuck with anna
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    The Amazing Race

    its all going to be ok. just put down the knife.
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    Survivor 9 - Vanuatu

    its got to the stage where they give absolutly no hint who's going to get voted off. like last night, where teh last conversation before they show tribal council they make you think that Twyla is going to join the guys, presumably with Eliza to vote off a chick. It shits me that they decieve...
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    The Apprentice 2

    yeah its not so much the voice over thats anyoing, more the fact that they try to pass it off as him saying it in the boardroom.
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    the OC

    that pregnancy spoiler was typical of ch10. but anyway better channel 10 then no channel i guess. last night was probably the first time i've felt that summer finally deserved seth, and validated his decision to chose over anna. that whole year book thing wasa nice. and how funny was teh...