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  • Hey Are you still selling your english essays particularly on billy elliot b/c I am interested in buying. Thanks
    yeah mine came in the mail about 2 weeks ago

    i thought you would've since you scored a bit higher than me in UMAT :S
    You know HSC is in about 18 days, english is in about 19 and 20.... (What were your studying methods for english or preps for the HSC in this period?)

    Ty btw!
    is it better to do chem eng in unsw or do mech eng in uts with the 1 year internship. I really like phys chem and maths though. I don't mind what course I get in to. just the quality of uni I guess and perhaps the job demands for future years is what I'm worried about
    yeah i found the f2f ones pretty shit too

    i have medentry but they're pretty poorly formatted, doesn't really matter though, still usable

    i'll upload then PM you the link
    yer lol i bought my law textbook for $45 secondhand. I found out that the person who sold it to me bought it off secondhand (for $40). as a result, im gonna sell it for $50. its in good condition anyway. ehehehe im so evil.
    just saw ur thread. ahaha so you got 92? congrats! a little bit more and u would have gotten a beauty state rank
    and yeh its true
    my friend also got 92 in std english and missed out on state rank
    apparently they take decimal points..
    yer go ahead.
    lol of course. doing business is good. esp for lazy ppl like me who can't be bothered to work.
    Demand is when you're selling all your essays $10, you're earning above $200 profit but people are selling your essays to make a higher profit. LOL
    in reply to your rep comment: no.

    you haven't happened to find an ipod touch on the train today, have you?
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