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  • lol sorry chiran ,i added u but u didnt know who it was, its thomas ^^
    good luck with hsc man
    LOL ... not to forget we have another set of trials weighing 25%, but i am sure you eat that for dinner ... :p
    haha, the only reason why we are so calm because these trials weigh only 10%, there is another set of trials we have in a couple of weeks, that we are piss scared about, thanks man anywho. and good luck with your trials starting this week. :)
    im so lazy in doing those daym papers. I say imma do them straight up in the morning but when you watch IPL you get so daym drained! so i do drills and eureka. You should be doing an exam paper a week now.
    LOL I knew it!
    but you looking for 4u and chem books make it not seem like you haha! just under 15 weeks for UMAT!
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