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    wdym furry???

    wdym furry???
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    Maths Help

    So, you can find the answer by using the sin rule (or in combination with cosine rule too) :) AB - 6.2 cm BC - 7.1 cm AC - 4.1 cm ∠ABC - 35° ∠BCA - 60° ∠CAB - 85°
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    Physics Prac task

    Just revise what you have been taught and reflect on the tips that the teacher might have given to you. I recently had a physics practice test where many students left out questions so try to manage your time effectively and don't stress about it much :)
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    Chemistry percentage composition HARD.

    Yeah this is the question
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    intuition education

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    Chemistry percentage composition HARD.

    Hey can anyone help me with this question. A steel company requires 2 tonnes of Fe. the company decided to mine from a site containing goethite. FeO(OH). which contains 31% of the mineral. how much of the goethite needs to be mined to obtain 2 tonnes of Fe.
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    Can anyone provide with their previous depth studies so that I can make sure I’m doing everything right

    just search up depth studies in the notes and resources icon, there are many to view and compare from.
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    Chemistry assignment on seperation techniques, help!

    Maybe you can do salt, sand and iron fillings and use magnetic seperation
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    Is it possible to get a high ATAR of 99.95 with standard English?

    nah cause people say there's <1% of students who get a band 6 in standard English and the matrix website also says if you get like 99 percent that's just equivalent to 70% of advanced.
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    Is it possible to get a high ATAR of 99.95 with standard English?

    I was wondering can you get a 99.95 ATAR with standard English? If you have 4U maths to carry it to the atar?