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Recent content by jassono

  1. jassono

    failing UNSW competitions

    just jumanji those stupid competitions what's jumanji? you ask fill out the answers as fast as you can and yell out jumaji when youve finished no fuss, no muss Unless you have to pay for the competitions. Then don't do that OOH even better idea, in year 12 my group of friends tried to get...
  2. jassono

    how many past papers

    I can only answer for the subjects i did The coaching place I went to got the theory out of the way first, then had an epic program of past papers, trial papers from the better schools Like you understood it, and did as many questions as you could on that topic till you could answer the next...
  3. jassono

    when is the easter/mid-sem break?

    Reading week is just for law students, its the week after the mid sem break It's basically because the law faculty expect us to be behind in readings, so they dont have any lectures...not sure but i think no tutes either but the other subjects we have to go to, so i have to go to my commerce...
  4. jassono

    Law Camp 2010

    Everyone is super eager because tickets have sold out! hahaha that was fast
  5. jassono

    Law Camp 2010

    You buy them on the first floor, outside of the library entrance from...1-3 or something or you can buy them online UNSW Law Society - First Year Law Camp Tickets ON SALE!
  6. jassono

    Dear First Years

    Yeahh a lot of that didnt make sense
  7. jassono

    Law Camp 2010

    It has been two days into the semester and already 2/3rds if the tickets are sold- crazy! Who's going, and what are you dressing up as ...I cant think of anything :s even though there are hundreds of heroes and villains
  8. jassono

    Can u eat in lecture rooms?

    It's funny cos some high school teachers let students eat, and they were cool and i thought uni lecturers were supposed to be cooler, but i suppose not :s I had a two hour lecture today and we were given a 5 minute break an hour in, it didnt feel long at all
  9. jassono

    1st day of uni...

    Yeah the rain did wonders on my shoes, cos the grip is shot My law lecture was so good, fitzsimmons is so cool econ however...eugh its lectures, lecturers and classes like that that make me abhor bankers $$$
  10. jassono

    UNSW - WiFi

    Yeah the student number, zxxxxxxx and the zpass which you have to activate, its different to the unipass. So many passwords, easiest way of remembering for me, zpass needs a capital letter, lower case letter, and a number in it
  11. jassono


    There's some philosophy regarding this, i think Nietszche talked about it in zarathustra im just going off memory, but it sort of talks about the uselessness of being alive. Like everything leads surely to death, so many of the things you do in life are unecessary and without doing something...
  12. jassono

    pretty pumped for uni?

    Reallyy?? :s I quite liked high school. I think most people look back saying high school was the most enjoyable Heres to uni being a lot better for you :)
  13. jassono

    Prepaid bus tickets, where do u buy them?

    daryl-d, yeahh i guess its the colloquial slang on the street these days, depending on the region hahah my tavelpass is the green pass as you would say Purple will cost 31.50 for students (!!Crap thats a lot) and its for cityrail services past like blacktown out west wards, past hornsby up...
  14. jassono

    pretty pumped for uni?

    It's the similar feeling as going into high school. I was and am really excited. And I think everyone is scared so it doesn't matter, we're all in the same boat
  15. jassono

    Prepaid bus tickets, where do u buy them?

    Yeahh its the 3-5 section brown pass But if youre going to be at uni 4 or 5 days a week you might want a travelpass, its unlimited tran and bus rides between home and uni Cos i pay 4.20 for a return train ticket every day and the brown travel ten is 13.20 at uni four days so...16.80 + 10.56=...