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  • A bit belated, but how did you go with the French exam?

    Good luck for the rest of your yearly exams, if you have any left to do.
    but i was just wondering because two boys at my school (who are in year nine but accelerated, doing yr 11 french continuers) had a 'day' there in term 2

    I think they are concentrating more on the Francophones than the Anglophones to get the higher marks. Oh well.

    The first day was OK but it wasn't really all that beneficial. I would have preferred to stay at school on that day but go there to meet your other classmates.

    Can I ask you for some help? I'm section 6 of the French Listening Tasks and in Question 7 I'm confused by what the voice-over says to the passengers. He says that the passengers can 'se rendre a la ........'. It sounds something like ques, but that word doesn't exist in my dictionary. Help!

    I'm finding the work a bit much. My teacher, Mrs Shelhot, has given me magazines and all this extra stuff and I can't finish my work on time because of all this. I wasn't even meant to do this course! How are you finding the work? We have two more months before the exam! Where are you up to in your work? I've just started Book 5 'le chemin des écoliers' because I've been procrastinating all these holidays. Out of curiosity, who is your teacher? (sorry for all these questions I'm shoving in your face by the way I'm just curious, that's all)

    Last time I had 'a day' at the Open High School was on Thursday, March 12, 2009. I didn't get an invitation for the one in term two, if there was one. Was there one?

    That's OK.

    Go to it!
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