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    Anyone getting their exam papers back from bos?

    to who do we talk to about getting our work bak? like where can we apply ?
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    What's Modern History Like?

    Re: What's Yr 12 Modern like? omg our teacher took a whole month and a half to go thru trench nature and warfare it was nuts we got really sick of it wen u start ur options for us it was russia it was really interesting and yeh modern gets really interesting n exciting but expect to do a lot of...
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    Option Topic Booklets

    yeh all up i wrote 8booklets i asked two booklets for the two options
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    umm help me please i think i have done a bad mistke in the test

    yeh some people did that in our trials what they do is they mark all of them and then they choose ur two best marks out of the ones u did and add those two to ur total u will be fine dont stress
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    Twp processing featuers of video production -

    yeh this one was weird i wrote dubbing, compression and streaming lol i had no idea
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    Multiple Choice Answers (checked by teacher)

    i only disagree with 19 other than that i think they are all right :)
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    Who managed to finish the exam?

    dw i didnt even do the cold war question in my trial exam like i didnt touch it this time i finished but i did the cold war last and my ending was shockin like i did 20 years in 5mins plus a dodgy conclusion of 2 lines i just wrote basic stuff in the end a lot of ppl didnt finish so dont worry...
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    Effects of the tanks

    yeh this one was weird i said that it scared a lot of people coz it was a new technology and no one knew what it did, lowered morale and oh gosh i hav no idea..i said it broke this and that like barbed wire but yeh it was weird...cnt remember
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    Modern Teachers

    thats really funny n so cuteeee we had one of our modern teachers which was my one who came at the end of the exam n was like oh good ur all happy and stayed there talkin to us all and then left lol
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    General Thoughts: Modern History 2008 HSC Exam

    Re: Howd you find it? i loved this exam!!! i was so worried about it but my god its so good to get rid off it and end on a good note i loved the core, russian question of 5yr plans i was expecting so it was so good to find it was the question, personality was good, cold war was really broad as...
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    Personality question

    oh n for historical context did that mean like talk about u know the for instance the russian revolution in 1917 but place like trotsky's personal history e.g. his roles etc with it..coz thats all i did if that makes sense
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    Personality question

    i did trotsky so the question was really good for whoever did trotsky i wrote that history does show us winners but it also shows us the downfalls of trotsky..i talked about revolution, 1905, exiles, civil war, brest-litovsk treaty, power struggle and a whole heap of other stuff i wrote 3...
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    Question 28

    this section sucked i got so stuck on it that i confused myself so now that i read all these comments about the whole 99.7% etc thingo it makes me mad coz that qs really teased you... and that simpsons rule question come on!! like it was just unfair coz every other year got to do a simple apply...
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    aww that sucks like always it depends how well u answered the question of what you wrote it will impact on your mark but hopefully u did a good job of what u wrote to get at least a decent should pass with no doubt...
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    No Conclusion

    for trials i didnt write conclusions and i got 18 so it really depends how well u did in answering the question you should be fine :) dnt stress