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    Is any1 going to wait till 20th for results rather than the 19th?

    I'm waiting till Friday for the UAI I dont care so much about my results And waiting doesnt bother me at all
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    Which is the best private school? have your say.

    I totally agree wth Utopian Selective schools provide a totally unnatural environment for people to spend the most tumultuous period of their lives in. I am so glad I changed schools. It was the best decision I ever made.
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    Which is the best private school? have your say.

    In any case wouldnt you all agree that it is better to be well grounded with a range of interests etc and a higher tolerance to different types of people, rather than only concerned with what mark you get in a few exams??
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    Which is the best private school? have your say.

    I did not say it was unfair to generalise about private schools I said that to say Barker was overrated would be to say all private schools are overrated because Barker is pretty representative of most private schools, and unless you've been in a private school or been at Barker you're not...
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    Which is the best private school? have your say.

    I dont think Barker is that much better than any other good school out there either. Its the same as any- you pay for what you get. I just dont think you can say its overrated. It' like saying that private schools are overrated (cos Barker is a pretty standard private school) and compared to a...
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    Which is the best private school? have your say.

    Cos Barker treats the girls like crap and then we are the top academically and even when girls do top they usually rig it so a boy gets it And from what experience would you base your comment on "barker is so overrated" you could say that about any school but compare it to a state school...
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    Which is the best private school? have your say.

    Yeah Barker has sweet facilities- like I said tho you've just gotta use them and then you'll get stacks more outta the school!! We had joint duxes this year and *gasp* one was a girl!!
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    Which is the best private school? have your say.

    Heres my 2 cents on private schools Firstly my first deep comment- Barker rules generally at sport!! Umm Secondly, yeah anyone that whinges about the fees b/c they get nothing in return are clearly not getting too involved in their school. I used to go to Baulkham Hills High and the...
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    One on one tutors?

    I'm happy to tutor one on one I live in the Hills area I did 4U English So yeah...
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    One on one tutors?

    I am happy to tutor english
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    Crappy english or crappy student??

    sounds good
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    School / Subject

    BARKER SPEECH NIGHT 5th December 6:30-7pm (can't rememember) Convention Centre isnt that weird going to your old school's speech night?
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    whats the best & worst concert / live act you've ever been to?

    Simple Plan, Garbage and Nickelback were gold at m-one And Good Charlotte in Auckland were sweet I haven't really seen anything that bad I was in the opening ceremony of the olympics and vanessa amarosi was pretty shit As was Nikki Webster- in general Mdnight Oil always does a good job
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    search for a supermodel

    I think little baby kate is beautiful and so is that nicole girl and I loved the American guy Ryan (:( he's gone) and I like bald justin and i like ross (the one that skank anna wanted)
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    anyone put down communications or media?

    I disagee. Firstly I think that it is the same in any course- you have to stand out to get a job Secondly, we've only JUST begun to think about the future in terms of uni and what we're interested in. I don't know anyone that is actually thinking 100% seriously about the end of uni. Most...