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Recent content by jenny_nsw

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    question 23 answers

    Damn, only 11? SAD! :'( all well, there is life after the HSC.. so i guess I better smile!??!
  2. J

    question 23 answers

    General Maths Can someone tell me if I got these answers for the multiple choice right? 1)B, 2)A, 3)C, 4)B, 5)C, 6)A, 7)B, 8)D, 9)B, 10)D, 11)D, 12)A, 13)D, 14) B, 15) D, 16) D, 17) A, 18) A, 19) A, 20)D, 21)B, 22)C. THANKS! I found it really hard :-(
  3. J

    Legal studies

    Did anyone else find the legal studies exam on Friday really difficult? I thought so... So unprepaired for the essay!!!