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Recent content by JhK89

  1. JhK89

    Dorms at UWS, Penrith campus?

    its small i think... i think there are several but the one i went to u share the house with like 3 other people and u get a room to urself fits one bed a small closet and a study table also u get free wireless net there and speeds are realy fast ;) but not sure how much rent is also with...
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  3. JhK89

    Should I Do The Chemistry Bridging Course?

    my friend who went said they pretty much teach u everything u need to know at the course
  4. JhK89

    2008 Transfers!! =]

    Current: Engineering @ UWS Now: Engineering / Science at UNSW
  5. JhK89

    Bridging + engineering

    wasnt the bridging courses at uws for engineering free? and yeah ^ what the said above take the bridging course in ME1 we do stuff from 2 unit to 4 unit
  6. JhK89

    wireless networks..

    uws wireless rocks its free and fast :D
  7. JhK89

    what is your major ?

    Engineering - TBA
  8. JhK89

    Help Me Engineers!!!

    lol which module would you be in?
  9. JhK89

    On the topic of University Transfers...

    thats the course i want to transfer to @ unsw are you talking bout unsw?
  10. JhK89

    Is Tafe really so much easier?

    actually i really dont know im guessing that tafe basically will teach the stuff but in a different way also mayb over a longer period of time which may make it harder or easier to various people...?
  11. JhK89


    nah i am a first year at my uni i think u just need a high band 5 or band 6 and if you take a bridging course u'll be fine