• Best of luck to the class of 2019 for their HSC exams. You got this!
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  • ooohhh! my love for legal was never strong...BUT BIO!! i still LOVE it!!! Don't worry, just smash it tomorrow..I'll give my maths pep talk again (which do absolutely nothing but i like to think i have an impact on your success) :p
    we have finshed englishizing...and now to legalize :/ I have done it again..i managed to cram all of legal:p
    I know i'm quite proud of myself :D I did the 2012 paper like last week and got 79 how awesome is that :L
    and I reckon i'll do a bit of both? Try finish off the new format trials before saturday and then just do hscs? :/
    hahaha shh it's eid i can chill
    and i'm not sure? i did one from the third booklet, + the other 2 booklets, and i'd say half of the new format ones? planning to do at least one a day until the exam..which would amount to 6 or 7 more... but i can do 2 a day right? :p
    Dude i'm actually excited to study for mx2 wth...i'm so pumped I wanna do like 20 papers from tomorrow hahaha...
    Tis' not a time for sleep young warlock...and also cause sleeping at night is too mainstream for my liking:L
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