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    "don't ask me I go to uws"

    It is a very disgusting bag to say the least. UWS has a hard time trying to overcome the really backward thinking attitude of some and now its own SA is adding to it. This is one of the reasons why the Government introduced VSU, because before this year, your student union fees would be going to...
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    Autumn 2007 Results?

    It doesn't surprise me. Most of that would be attributed, as GTR states, to a failure to comply with a course requirement.
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    Review of grade

    I wrote mine in the form of a letter. Be formal with the letter and stick to facts and policy. Explain what the concern is that you have - for example it could be that a fundamental procedure was not undertaken and that you were effected from it. It's hard to provide any specific guide...
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    Review of grade

    I have experience with appeals (with success). If you appeal anything - be as nice as possible - you are only seeking that the result be changed not attack the lecturer's style or tuition. First thing you need to do is contact the coordinator and organise to go through the assessment in...
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    Law Library Parramatta

    I know which one is being referred to. I have had heaps of meetings in there. The "Law Library" was never intended for student use per se. It is simply a collection of law reports and commentaries. With the internet, really, you don't need them. It has simply been renamed into the common...
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    Semester 1 Marks

    Commercial Law - Credit Equity, Trusts and Remedies I - Distinction Alternative Dispute Resolution - High Distinction Intellectual Property - High Distinction
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    Autumn 2007 Results?

    Ahh its that time of the holidays again when the panic starts. The nerves are starting again. Hope everyone does well!
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    Clubs and Social Life in UWS?

    Depends what you want from your society. WIthout in any way shape nor form lowering the status of Golden Key as I am a member and one of their scholarship recipients and furthermore a friend of their president, Golden Key focus on different areas and there has even been suggestion, mere...
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    Clubs and Social Life in UWS?

    I can guarantee you that UWSLSA has more prestige than any club or society at the University. We work full time on proects! You miss out on the party - not our fault. If you fail to show up at court for your client that's your problem, not the court's. Essentially, the way we operate is...
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    You shouldn't use Harvard for a legal bibliography. Reasons: 1. If you use Stuhmcke / Oxford System: citations have the year at the end of the bibliography citation (whereas in Harvard, citation has year directly after name). 2. If you use AGLC, there is no bibliography.
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    im thinking of coming--psych!

    Go to UWS! Psych actually is the best at UWS. The biggest problem facing students is that they think everything good is at USyd. Each Uni has its specialties. Law for example is well-established at USyd (although Melbourne Uni is actually the best provider of Law in Aus). One of the...
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    B Business (Accounting)/B Laws

    Hi, You would be looking at say 3-4 times a week. It really does vary from year to year, electives you do, etc... I know some people who go once a week, others who go 5 times a week. In terms of changing unis, you can do that. However, I would recommend not applying for UWS if it is...
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    bail application

    Bail is a very confined part of criminal procedure. Your role is to ensure your client is able to be let out to prepare their matter properly. There are no quick-fixes. You need to read the Act and understand it. One area that confuses people is the difference between presumption against and...
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    Clubs and Social Life in UWS?

    For all the law students out there... the UWS Law Students' Association is one of the largest and most active organisations in the university, managing one of the largest budgets, projects and has many stakeholders. It works with national bodies, law firms and the School of Law in delivering...
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    We are now starting to move to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) as pioneered by the University of Melbourne. That is not to say Stuhmke is wrong at all - Stuhmke does in many ways fall consistently with the AGLC with some variations. Case notes are an interesting thing to...