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Recent content by Joohlie

  1. J

    How many asians in your school?

    Why does it matter?
  2. J

    How'd everyone go in their prelims?

    Biology - 55% (dropping) Adv Eng - 69% Ancient History - 71% for the exam but the mark going on our report will be our overall assessment which means I came first with 81%, lol Legal Studies - 83% (fifth) Ext Eng - 48%, haha. Considering dropping this and picking up ext history :)
  3. J


    Thanks (:
  4. J

    What HSC Subjects Are You Guys Doing?

    Adv. English Maths (3u) Legal Studies Ancient History Extension English
  5. J

    How was your school day?

    I had my Modules paper for English Adv today :( Bombed out for section 2. BOOYAH! Paper One was yesterday and I also bombed out but only for creative writing. Creative writing can suck my invisible left nut sack. Chyeah. Ancient History & Legal Studies tomorrow. What fun :(
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    Hi, I'm hoping someone may be able to help me define and give an example of statutory discretion. I have Google'd and looked in my textbook but to no avail. Please ? With a cherry on top ? :D
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    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    Hey cuppy, where did you purchase the sweater dress (if you don't mind saying)? I've been looking around for a sweater dress. haven't found any to my liking. :(
  8. J

    Extension English Students- how many hours?

    We have one 1 1/2 hour lessons per week. :)
  9. J

    How was your school day?

    I haven't posted here in a long time! HELLO, EVERYONE :) Well, today was an okay day at school. We have to write a sonnet for English :( Every other subject was a bludge for me. sle3pe3bumz; You're guessing is right. I'm getting the final Harry Potter book this weekend! So are many other...
  10. J

    Is anyone doing Anything other than Frankenstein in prelim ext eng?

    We're doing 'The American Dream'. Our texts are The Great Gatsby, Death of a Salesman & American Beauty (the film)
  11. J


    One more half yearly paper to go & I'm free :D
  12. J

    Legal Studies - Help !

    Thanks guys (: Okay , another question .. LOL Are laws just, fair and equitable in their operation? Explain with an example. Can I say that ideally laws should be just, fair and equitable but in reality laws are not just, fair and equitable in their operation because a law may be just in that...
  13. J

    Are you a trusting person?

    I'm not a trusting person at all. I only trust myself.
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    Legal Studies - Help !

    There's a question on my revision sheet which I need help with :) What is the status of delegated legislation in relation to the common law & other statute laws in terms of which prevails in the even of a conflict? Any help is appreciated :)