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Recent content by k14usmukh

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    Delta English Tutoring Review/Opinions Please

    Hello to the Director of Delta education - I chanced upon your response and wanted to share the following. I am a parent btw. A year ago I called and put my daughter's name in your waitlist for Year 10. Yes.. Yes I called 12 months before the actual start date My daughter is a scholarship...
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    Want to sell your HSC (11&12 Chemistry/Physics & Biology Notes)

    Hi - If you have exhaustive notes for HSC (11&12 Chemistry/Physics & Biology Notes) please reach out to me - I am looking to purchase them - PS - I am not looking for publicly available notes - I can be reached at k14usmukh@gmail.com
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    Need help understanding the new HSC Maths course

    Hi - Can anyone explain to me what is the difference between Maths advanced and Extension 1&2 - does one still need to do general maths - I am parent and not very good at this hence if you can explain the difference would be very grateful - many thanks in advance - this is for HSC 2020
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    Review of DUX Coaching

    Hi - Keen to hear your feedback on DUX college - for anyone of you who attended would you recommend it - Many thanks in advance
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    Seeking suggestion for Year 10 science and English coaching

    $ not an issue - prefer centre based ..but can go private as well - open to options
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    Seeking suggestion for Year 10 science and English coaching

    Hi I am looking for suggestions for recommended coaching for science and english for Year 10 - Thanks a lot in advance - Regards Kev
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    HAST/ACER Test last weekend

    Hi anyone attempted the tests for entry to Year 10 Selective - keen to get some feedback and experiences - Thanks a lot in advance
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    applying for selective schools year 11??? help

    Hi - I would be writing the HAST this year and have heard that the format of the test is different from the selective exams -would anyone be able to share some insights on the kind of questions for Mathematical Reasoning - also any experience from applying to Hornsby Girls and/or North Sydney...
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    Seeking Experienced English Teacher

    Hi - I am looking for references for an experienced English Teacher - in the Epping or Hornsby/Hills District areas Thanks in advance for your help Regards
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    Coaching school for Year 6 Math and English

    Hi - Can anyone recommend a coaching college for Year 6 Maths and English . There seem to be quite a few from Year 7 onwards but cant find anything for Year 6. Any suggestions would be most welcome Thanks in advance
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    Scores for Studies of Religion

    Thanks a lot - so is the SOR a multiple choice exam - does it also include a theory section - Thanks a ton for your support
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    Scores for Studies of Religion

    Congrats on HSC results - keen to get a view of scores for Studies of Religion Thanks in advance - Regards Kush
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    Tutoring / coaching college for Year 6 English and Maths

    Hi Seek your advise - which is the best place I can send my son for Year 6 English and Maths Suggestions and advise welcome - Thanks in advance