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Recent content by Kam!KaZe

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    Dont get ur hopes up

    Maths teachers are just too buggered to go through every single answer properly since nearly everyone in the state does some form of maths. Chemistry teachers have had so much exposure to chemicals that their normal tissue cells have been killed and replaced by mutant cells which want to take...
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    Dont get ur hopes up

    Like ok... Chem and Physics were supposedly easy so you know what that means? It means they are going to mark it hard so I dont think you should count yourself lucky. Gaining high hopes is not the smartest thing to do right now especially after last year when not many people got a band 6. Those...
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    Dopey BOS losers! Heya! I reckon that was a good 3u exam... Yes true question 7 was abit tricky but ya'll know that if hardly anyone got it out, then we all get the marks! So down with the smart peeps :p You know, after that 4u maths exam on monday... any exam would do for me :P HONESTLY, why...
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    We Never Have To Do 4u Maths Again!!!!!!!!

    How exciting!!!! We neverr everrr have to do 4u Maths again!! However talking about the exam.... WAS THAT HARD OR WHAT???? :( seriously I found that all the work I did throughout the year just did not help with this exam. :mad: Honestly what was with Q8! I did abit of the first part but I went...