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  1. kay90

    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    good day. I had ramya, she was real nice :)
  2. kay90

    What is more attractive for a guy to be driving: manual or auto?

    manual is only sexy if the guy knows how to drive it really well. i find riding in a manual a bit frustrating.
  3. kay90

    Semester 1 Timetables

    yay im happy with mine now :) thanks for all the help!
  4. kay90

    Semester 1 Timetables

    question: if you change timetable do rooms change too? or they stay the same?
  5. kay90

    Semester 1 Timetables

  6. kay90

    Semester 1 Timetables

    :( monday and tues. and wtf psych only one on thurs morning
  7. kay90

    Semester 1 Timetables

    Re: Summer '08-09 Chatter Thread on monday and tuesda mine is like one after another and all three in different locations!? how do i change!? no joke i try customising it just wont work :( :( :( help!
  8. kay90


    I've heard that this works. OH! and eat prunes and/or sultanas!
  9. kay90


    my metabolism is so fast that: -warning, may be too graphic- i pretty much shit everything out after an hour or two i eat. especially when it comes to fast food. oh boy. im 18 and im pretty petite, my weight varies from 38 kilos to 43. and my doctor says I'm perfectly healthy :)
  10. kay90

    Dota Discussion

  11. kay90

    Miley Cyrus hates asians yo.

    never heard of that. and, that's just lame, I'm sure asians can think of something much more wittier than that :cool:
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    Re: For those confused about when Sydney University Timetables come out thankyou! :D