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  • How late am I? Sorry Kev I rarely even come on BOS anymore... :'( How'd your holidays go?
    Wow you make macaroons!? You da man, kev, you da man.
    How are you finding year 11? Are things getting serious at your end? Haha
    By the way if you see Yvonne anytime soon say hi for me :) She's left st george for sydney girls.
    Haha kev Yvonne told me that you were sad I didn't reply :p Well check out the post below - I think you missed it!
    Sorry for not replying in so long (again), but yay! High five haha. Time management isn't something I'm very good at so I'll have to work on that... Love the fact that bio, chem and phys are related though, it's like we get to look at the big picture. LOL yeah some people think people who do all three sciences are all three haha
    Making food is fun (; I wouldn't mind doing it.
    Are you going to the BoS meet by any chance?
    I got your inbox! It's high time for me to start learning to use BOS. Yep. Upper right hand corner for notifications. Yep.
    Yeah I think you'd have to live on campus/hospital grounds but it would be pretty awesome helping the underserved and all :) hahaha.
    Oh yes you will have a huge workload indeed - but feel sorry for me please? I'm doing all three. Is doing prelim sciences the norm at HAHS?
    Oh wow! I want to be a meddie too haha. You're so lucky to have the support of your parents though. Unlike yours mine are reluctant to let me study med even if I make it because I am insisting on doing rural med :L
    Yep science is just too fascinating... I'll be sure to remember to give you a Quantum Physics textbook for your birthday :p 25 bucks ain't that bad if you enjoy physics! Where is it at? Are you doing any other sciences next year?
    For English we're doing poetry right now. We've got a week to write 5 poems. YAY
    Kreepy Kev. Hahahahah. Yeah a lot of people are doing journeys but St George isn't... And what on earth are you guys studying physics for?
    Wait so DID you study in the holidays?
    Btw are you aspiring to be a meddie? :)
    How can you want your holidays to be over sooner? :O
    Glad to hear! What topic was your test on? Nearly all of my exams are in week4-6.
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