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    Esimated Top 5 schools

    I think Malek Fahd Islamic School might make the top 5 this year, InshaAllah( God willing).
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    Combined Medicine at USYD.

    I wonder what the cutoff would be for Economics/med and business/med. Are there second round offers? How many ppl are interviewed? I wonder if you can get in with 99.90/99.85/99.8/99.75/..
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    2008 HSC School Rankings

    Re: Top 200 Schools - Daily Telegraph It is more about putting in the effort rather than natural capability/ability.
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    2008 HSC School Rankings

    Re: Top 200 Schools - Daily Telegraph I can see from your reply that you genuinely want kids to have a 'fair go', and get an equal opportunity, that is all students are entitled to have an equal chance of getting what they want if they put in a 'fair effort'. However, one thing that has to...
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    2008 HSC School Rankings

    Re: Top 200 Schools - Daily Telegraph I do not think the Malek Fahd principal let kids sit their HSC in tafe because of mere reputation; it was probably so that the smarter/ harder working students don't get dragged down by a proportion of 'slack students'. Malek Fahd Islamic School is a...
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    Does God exist?

    Has anyone thought what happens when you sleep?? Your consciousness is there, but your spirit is not, e.g/ when you dream you can't control what you see/view. Death is like sleep, obvious sign for a supreme creator controlling your affairs- who has no daddies, sons, uncles, granpas.......(i...
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    Does God exist?

    qft Excellent points up there. One unique god- i.e, does not have any associates, brothers, sisters, mothers, daddies and sons( actually b4 the Paulicians, the pagans also used to believe in a trinity and assigned to god almighty and exalted numerous sons and daughters to make him appear 'human'...
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    What do you hate about law students?

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    UAI/UMAT for medicine

    Just try your best. Give the UMAT, interview and UAI/TER/OP(schoolwork) your best shot. **The UmAt is a pain though**
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    What do you hate about law students?

    That is actually incorrect, doctors can be held negligent . A cardiothoracic surgeon was once sued $8 million , here in Australia because he did an incorrect procedure during open heart surgery.
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    UWS med

    Yeh, but are yuo from the GWS region.
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    UNSW Medicine: Whats so good about it?

    The good thing about UNSW med is that it is the best uni for med for those who do a med degree their.
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    where to get UMAT preperation materials?

    The question is quiet ambigous. You can interpret the patterns in a few different ways.
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    UWS med

    About 180 would be good for UWS med.
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    UMAT Results

    .....(beware ,hackers!! )