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    BOS CSU Students 08

    Nice, i live in Junee so it's not as massive if i don't get accom. Any bretheren hitting up the non-catered cottages? i went on a tour today, starting to keen up.
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    BOS CSU Students 08

    Im doing Animation, at Wagga. Tossing up whether to stay on campus or not.
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    Why wasn't software included in UAI calculations?

    I completed 12 units in my HSC, with my lowest mark in both assessment & exam been Biology. So shouldn't it have been the subject to drop off from UAI calculations? The mailed marks i recieved today dropped of Software Design & Development, even though it was a clear winner by 4 marks over...
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    Multiple Choice

    Yeah, i was tossing up between B & C on 5...i knew the inquisitorial system was a feature, but thats about as far as my knowledge went ;) Im pretty certain 12 was B, i looked over natural law this morning... Same with 15, i couldnt pick A & C...and D now i look back on it!
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    legal studies

    Yeah i dug it. Especially crime ;) Section III was better last year i think, more specific. They went the whole 'vague' direction that seems to be the rage with exams this year...
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    Multiple Choice

    Twas easy, saying that i reckon i got like 10/15 1) D 2) B 3) B 4) A 5) B 6) D 7) A 8) C 9) C 10) B 11) C 12) B 13) A 14) A 15) A
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    Actual Error in Question 23 Algorith

    Perhaps it didn't directly affect the question, but theres doubt it indirectly influenced answers. Like you guys, i probably spent a good 10 minutes looking at that algorithm. Looking back i wouldn't hesistate to say it probably cost me a couple of marks in later sections. IMO, if an...
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    Actual Error in Question 23 Algorith

    I was wondering what the hell was up with that. So what happens now? is that question annulled? I think its safe to say it would have influenced a lot of peoples answers...
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    Exam Thoughts

    15 multiple (which they designate a whole fucking half hour to) Short answer: 60 marks Then the option topic, which is 25 worth of short answer I thought it was easy, way easier than previous papers anyway. I did minimal study though, i think i would have gotten like 70's... The...
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    General Thoughts - General Mathematics

    I fucked it pretty bad, i was actually prepared for it as well! I did the 06 paper yesterday and got 90%, so i went in pretty confident to pwn some arse but it didnt work out... I ran out of time by like 20 minutes and ended up not attempting like 10 marks, i would have completely fucked...
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    QUESTION 25?? what was that?

    I wrote the odds of not picking a heart in a regular 52 deck of cards... Thats easily the most generically maths answer so far ;) One of my mates wrote 'the odds of me picking A in multiple choice question 3' Needless to say, he failed dismally ;)
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    Student Number and Centre Number

    Honestly it doesnt matter, the supervisors wont stop you putting your details on the paper after the exam finishes...
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    General Thoughts - English Paper 1 2007

    I did Inner Journeys! The question was totally arse fucked for it as well. BOS can nibble on my ballsack. Section II was pretty generic, great for a pre-prepared response! Scooore. Lucky it was though, i would have walked out if they asked for a speech or something. Even though III was...
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    Pokemon Team.

    Sorry guys, couldn't help myself... Rock-on pokemon!!! That rhymes and you know it rhymes...
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    Pokemon Team.