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    Summer clerkships 2009/2010

    Wow, my login still works here. It's been a while...I just thought I'd jump in to share some tips. I was a mod here in the early days and went through the clerkship process some years ago. In terms of acceptance rates, there is an expectation at the larger law firms that practically all...
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    When Are We Going To Get Our Own Resources Section?? (merged)

    Notes are only available if people contribute them. All my notes were handwritten in quite disgusting handwriting so I doubt they'd be much use to anybody. For extension, I remember my class looked at material on film technique and analysis and asked our English teachers for a bit of help as...
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    HSC French Speaking

    I had my 2u and 3u speaking exams there :) It's in Gordon, a short walk from Gordon station. Check your street directory for details. The school has quite a large campus, so you may want to leave yourself some time to find the room. All students from your school are assigned the same location...
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    Open Evening at the Alliance Française de Sydney

    Interesting. My French could really use a brush up as I haven't had the opprtunity to speak to anyone for ages. I might go if I have the time, depends if I have to teach stats the next week or not... Thanks for the post chepas :)
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    HSC Oral Exams: Dates!

    I seem to remember getting the official notification letter from BOS at least a month in advance. I could be wrong, or things might have changed, but 2 weeks' notice seems too little.
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    Prac report - DC motors

    This thread is getting a little heated. wahashtini, I think it is unreasonable to expect people to give you a general reply including an entire practical report. If you ask specific questions as you started to do in your second post then you might get more help. To everyone in general...
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    Combined Law with commerce @ UNSW

    Starting salaries tend to be quite low for all professions other than dentists and actuaries! It's how fast they rise throughout your career that matters more IMO. If you want to go into investment/merchant banking for example, you'll need a good understanding of corporate law. That's why...
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    The Exam

    1. Yes - it makes it easier for you to make corrections or changes. Since you have so much time, you should reread your response many times and weed out all the minor errors :). 2. I don't know, I wondered about this last year too. I don't think it matters, it's a 90 minute paper really!
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    UNSW Union Elections

    I know, so is eco power, but more fool them - no party with those principles is getting my vote!
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    UNSW Union Elections

    That was actually the Guild and not the Union - union was last session. Power was my first choice, number 2 was "Butts off Library Lawn" [ban the bum crack from the lib lawn, puts you off your lunch :p], number 3 "Escalator for basser Steps"...number 15, the last, was reserved for Women's...
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    what is your worst subject at uni?

    I bet you spend all week looking forward to Monday morning with Claudia ;) :p QMB is shit, but you can get away with not going to lectures. Stats might be useful for finance too.
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    Commerce UAI-cut off going up?

    Yes - it's part of the reason my accounting presentation had problems last week. But on the other hand, group work is almost always a problem. Even groups of fluent English speakers have problems with teamwork - which is far and away the greatestt difficulty! For the next assignment, that has to...
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    Commerce UAI-cut off going up?

    I'm commerce/law, fire away :)
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    International Law

    I'm very cynical about electives since reading the student elective guide :p. I reckon the best way to do international electives is to go overseas for one of two semesters (my current plan :p ).