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  • Your internal mark doesnt get scaled down if you are ranked first though regardless of what school you go to. It just means youre not that smart meaning your whole school isnt very smart if you came first in all your subjects lol. bl babe
    UWS isn't that bad anyway. I know if you roam around you'll see my "LOL UWS" posts but... it's not as bad as people make it to be.

    Though pro-tip to uni: Keep motivated.

    I have people from James Ruse doing the same degree I'm doing, same courses... but some of them have slipped to scraping passes and credits - and not doing all that well. Keep motivated, do the work, and you'll do fine!
    Ah, okay. Just curious because I live near Blacktown and that was my first thought.

    Congratulations on Dux again! (I would've said 'You should come to UNSW' but... seems you've got your heart set on UWS...)
    Hahah thank you :) I will need it! Lets just hope all goes well in HSC so I don't have to waste my time getting in other ways. Enjoy your law degree though, I think it's safe to say its gonna be smooth cruising for you!
    Oh that's a shame, but doesn't matter. I plan on going on to medicine at hopefully UNSW or USyd, postgraduate. USyd medicine is impossible for me in undergraduate, but UNSW may JUST be in reach. If not, then I may attend college in USA, go to a different uni across Australia, or pay full price of the course to enter medicine if all fails. My dad is a surgeon so he knows all these ways but still, it's gonna be rough D:
    No no no, ATAR wise you are below since combined law is 99.7 which is beast. BUT Uni-wise, when you transfer, they will most likely rely on your GPA and the amount of credits, distinctions, and high distinctions you receive. So there is a chance you can study at USyd which IS AWESOME. I went to the faculty of law and it is seriously epic, like a whole shopping centre..
    89.90 is a pretty solid ATAR for a school ranked like that. Wish I moved to a better ranked or selective school, 302 here. Still thinking about going to USyd?
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