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Recent content by koukla

  1. koukla

    Home and Away

    how amazing is this episode set out!
  2. koukla

    Cutting all my hair off (again)

    hey, if you ever need a photo of sumone from antm use all-antm.net, here a direst link to a yoanna photo.... http://all-antm.net/displayimage.php?album=22&pos=14
  3. koukla

    Home and Away

    GRRRR!!! so angry! i was caught in traffic on the way home and missed the first 15 mins so i have not seen the new opening credits! :mad: oh well i will have to see them tomorrow, i really hope sally does not die, but in the preview it seems she does :(
  4. koukla

    Desperate Housewives - Season 3 thread

    omg i LOVED ep 7 ("the bang") so much happened, the script was very clever and the acting was brillant! i was all teary it was so sad! soo much happened in it! never wanted the episode to end!
  5. koukla

    UOW Under Attack

    omg there was one in my lecture on thursday! and they kept staring at me and my friends!! then randomly jumped up and ran out like i mean RAN! it was so random
  6. koukla


    well i own a 2004 IS300, it has a 2JZ engine (the same as a supra) so in reality its like a lexus luxury sedan with a toyota sport engine. i absolutly love my car and would never swap it for a BMW or a Merc, my family has owned a 7 series BMW and a C class Merc, but now our garage is full with...
  7. koukla

    What Cars does everyone drive??

    this is my new car :) 2004 lexus IS300
  8. koukla

    how to make those image slideshows?

  9. koukla

    Home and Away

    yes flynn did technicaly die in bed with sally, but during one of his weak phases, he caught belle in the house and when she went to run away, she accidently pushed him down the stairs, which just made him fall even more sick and weak, so he couldnt fight the disease anymore. who knows if belle...
  10. koukla

    This is the OMG i love Will&Grace Thread

    what happened in the episode when they bowed?
  11. koukla

    2006 Garden Party 18+ :(

    what is the garden party anyway? and why is it so expensive?
  12. koukla

    Home and Away

    well he promised he would look after his family after he was gone, but i wouldnt call it life-altering
  13. koukla

    Home and Away

    awwww the part now with cassie talking to flynn already made me start to get teary. :(
  14. koukla

    Are you meant to go everyday this week,

    so is it not important at all? cause commerce orientation day is on my bday :( id rather not spend it at some talk about commerce that might not b important
  15. koukla

    The Cutting Edge: Going For The Gold

    This movie is the sequal to the first one. it has been released straight to dvd, and video exy only had one copy, and since i like ice skating movies i hired it. i must say it is the best romance movie, its up there with the notebook:eek: honestly you have to check it out!