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Recent content by ktt123

  1. K

    how long to do B Of Arts??

    i want to study speech pathology but incase i do not make it, how long will i have to do a bachelor of arts before i can transfer internally into the speech pathology course??
  2. K

    speech pathology is it good at acu?? any one recommend it/is currently studying there

    advice yes no maybe?? is macquarie uni better
  3. K

    speech pathology macquarie or acu???

    comments, thoughts, experience on which university is a better option for speech path!?
  4. K

    bachelor of education/bachelor of arts??!!

    is it difficult to get into this course at usyd?? which provides more benefits for career...usdy, unsw or UTS??
  5. K

    Notre Dame bachelor of laws/bachelor of arts

    what is the estimated ATAR requirement for a bachelor of laws/bachelor of arts at ND? is it competitive??
  6. K

    University of Notre Dame Roll Call 2013.

    i was wondering what is the estimated ATAR requirement for entry into nd for bachelor of law/ bachelor of arts ??