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    Guide To The Writing Of The PIP

    Wow, I haven't been in here for ages. Yes, that is correct. You don't have to use this form strictly; it is only for those who are stuck on how to get started and just to lead the way :)
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    What A Random Course::help!!!

    ^I agree with S39. The Excel textbook is not very good to follow as it is too detailed and is not set out in a way for HSC students to study properly - not for me anyway. I also found the heinemann one very helpful for S+C so if you don't have that already, go and grab one :)
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    Popular Culture - The Bikini

    What a geek! :p Anyways, tamara perhaps you can clarify what type of information you're exactly after :)
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    Help with Islam

    Many forumers have mentioned some symbols and customs in Islam. Lou also made a very important points with regards to the five pillars of Islam (although it is in this order, only sawm and zakat are mixed up ;)): Shahadah, salat (prayer), sawm (fasting), zakat and hajj. The Kab'ah is an...
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    The hypothesis

    They sound good but I like your second one better as well. With the first one though, 'Muslim' is not an ethnicity - it is an identification for those who follow Islam. So what I think you need to put there, if you are doing the first one, is replace 'Muslim' with 'Middle-Eastern' mainly...
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    Help!! My Pip Is On Fashion

    That's an excellent suggestion as it really narrows down your topic. I like that, you can compare the two. However gender is also part of the S+C PIP syllabus so I suggest focussin on both genders within a specific age group or alternatively you can study one gender but across different age...
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    What do you think?

    Only if you can make it "unique" in a way which distinguishes your PIP from the rest however it is very common. NTB has made some good points and if not done in a distinguished way then it may look like that you have done your PIP in the last minute. I also like NTB's idea about tweens and...
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    Rites of Passage for Australian Adolescents

    Do you also plan to focus on specific cultural/religous groups within the Australian society or are you just going to study the 'youths' in general? There's also age: Sweet 16 18 21st
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    immigrant help

    The attitude has changed a lot: 1970s was when the Multicultural Policy came through - how did that reflect the attitude which politicians/australians had at the time? How is the attitude now, especially since that illegal immigrant come in? You need to research ;)
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    help please

    Using all this secondary information, you can then form your primary methodology and ask certain people questions specifically related to your topic about 'who decides what is important to us: society (I think you should put society in here rather than us) or the media'. Good luck, I don't...
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    help please

    I've got two more of Norman Fairclough's books: Critical Discourse Analysis: The critical study of language (1995) Language and Power (2001) I really recommend you grab these two and look through them. Fairclough really knows his stuff (hence why I have photocopied pages from three of his...
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    help please

    Rhetoric is the art or technique of persuasion, usually through the use of language. Rhetoric is one of the three original liberal arts or trivium (the other members are dialectic and grammar) in Western culture. Rhetoric concerned itself with persuasion in public and political settings such...
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    help please

    No worries. Here are some points I highlighted. Now, when you analyse a text, you have to look out for techniques - as I've mentioned before: rhetoric, rhyme, pun, alliteration etc. etc. I want you to read the following and you can use them as your resource. If you want, they should have a...
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    help please

    One thing you can do is analyse the language and rhetoric (persuasive language) journalists use in order to grab the attention of the reader. For example, most times alliteration is used as well as rhyme. Some even use pun (for example, Honest NY Cabbie a real gem). So you can do a language...
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    Advice plz

    I like the 1st and 3rd option you have. IMO, the bullying topic will not take in the concepts fully and I don't think it will be interesting unless you can make it really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really good :p.