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  • Shall google for you:
    Urban Dictionary: sing Kumbaya
    Now please leave me alone, and stop being racist about my "Chinese-ness". Your true colours are showing mate.
    lol. Okay?

    Actually - the fact that you feel the need to comment on my race - I do wonder IF indeed you are racist. Just sayin'.
    baha i've yet to have my first ban. don't know why seeing how a lot of my trolling is quite bannable. well comingupforair and ad infinitum are banned so i'm happy, only more boser that i want dead though
    Well, yeah, I'm tiring of this. If you feel as if I've slandered you or the Labor party- you are more than welcome to take it up with -all- the moderators in the Contact Moderators thread.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - so who must laila09 be? :rolleyes:

    Secondly, I notice that you didn't reply to my rebuttal regarding 'slander'.
    Yes, [as per your post on the forums] Moderators are meant to be controlling the site, and ensuring that people aren't rude. There's a reason your other account was banned - for flaming me in a rep message, and then later on spamming. ;)

    There is no way that my post was 'discriminatory' or 'rude' or 'slander' in anyway. All I said was 'damnit Kristina Keneally'.
    Like...seriously. What a stupid post. =\
    Why would moderators not be allowed to express their political views (and besides which - I don't even dislike Kristina Keneally - it was more an expression, than anything else).
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