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    Travel plans

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    writing my books

    your name legit sounds like an author damn......
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    mod b & c resources

    can anyone share anything they have for mod b (artist of the floating world) and mod c (father and child, what time is it now, home in fiction) anything will work essays, quotes, tables etc.
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    Past Papers? - Maths Advanced 2021
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    The Football Thread

    you guys conceded 2 away goals unlucky
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    The Football Thread

    damn 🤣🤣🤣
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    Is Dr Du worth it in Year 12?

    a lot of people from my school go to scom and all of them love it
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    Football (soccer) - Super League thoughts

    yeah, saw that lmao but those clubs are really huge so it wouldn't be crazy hard for them to fight UEFA
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    Football (soccer) - Super League thoughts

    its a disgrace to football imo rivalries and derbies won't even be fun anymore legit the best teams will play against each other everyday, no point, its gonna be too repetitive I just hope it doesn't go forward
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    afternoon study routine?

    read about the super league
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    Football (soccer) - Super League thoughts

    its the biggest news in football history
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    Football (soccer) - Super League thoughts