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  • oh yea thats truu about ur english mark - oh well i at least u didnt fail (dats wat i alwais say lol)
    since u got a placee at UNDA, are yu guna accept? :)
    umm my plans, well i have no ideaa but for my uni preferences i jst put anything dats i could find underr 70 atar loll and whicheva i get accepted ill do it for a semester or sumfin den ill transfer into my course that i wanna do which is b of design at unsw :)
    hopefullyy it will go well for the both of us and good luck =)
    totally agree wiv yu on the scaling. likee practically all the sciences and maths 2unit/3/4 are all high scalers! ahh dat pisses me off .. lyk wiv my marks i was expectin lyk u said 70s but 56 i was so shockd!
    u got any planss on wat u wanna do?
    heey sorry for the randomness,i was lookin at ur sig and saw ur marks.. i got around about the samee and i got an atar of 56.2 :(
    yu sorrtaa fell my pain, was expectingg moree but yeaa, wat can yaa do loll
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