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    Jmc, aim or sae! Cant decide

    yeah, it seems im leaning more towards that atm...however, i'd still like peoples opinions, i havnt read anywhere people talking about how the audio engineering degree is at aim...
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    Jmc, aim or sae! Cant decide

    Ive applied for an audio engineering degree and can't decide which one to attend. I want to eventually work for music for the film industry. I also plan on going to the aftrs to do a post-grad diploma in sound once ive completed one of the degrees. Award Course Detail Now, whoever has...
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    Is it Possible?

    Hey dudes, i was wondering if it's still possible to become a secondary music teacher if you complete the bmus studies/bachelor of arts degree, rather than the bmus education degree (both at the SYD Con). Yeh, just curious... Cheers.
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    Career question...

    hey dudes, Has anyone here done the bmus course at uws?. Because later on, i want to get into audio engineering, as well as getting into the business side, such as starting my own record label & management. Would anyone recommend the course?, or is there another alternative to this. Cheers
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    Con High School

    Hey people, Has anyone been to this school?, because i was thinking of going there next year. if you have, what is required for there n that, because the site doesnt give much details. Cheers.
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    Help on a book....

    Hi everyone, ive been looking for a certain type of book for some time now. A fantasy, with mythological creatures, black magic, though, not so child-orientated(e.g. Harry Potter, LOTR, Narnia, etc). I want the book to have a good twist, be unpredictable, and yeah. It would be great if someone...
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    Music schools around sydney?

    pretty much any since i want to play professional( guitar), so, yeh, classical, jazz, rock, anything.
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    Music schools around sydney?

    Hey everyone, i wanted to know what music schools there are around sydney which i can attend to for yr 11 & 12 next year, seeing that the school im at now sux when it comes to music and i want to take it seriously. Please comment if you've got a list of schools or any suggestions. Cheers
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    AIM or the con?

    hi everyone, i guess you can say im new to this, but id like to know which is the better school to attend n what both schools teach that is different to eachother. Im a guitar player, and i want to study a course in jazz or classical. Cheers
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    The Sydney Conservatorium Students Thread

    hi every1, im in yr 10 next yr, though, i wanted 2 no if i could get into the con for 2008 n wat is required to get in the con for jazz.....or other courses which involve guitar. cheers