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  • hmm, my other subjects aren't those hard social science or anything anyway. shouldn't be doing too bad or i suck! umm idno, i recon im alright with english. its my teachers who mark really hard and just never give the mark. i do alright in tutoring, but when i present the same thing to school, i get bad. i think its just bad luck. for choosing standard english, ofcourse. MAJOR regret.
    aaww that sucks, wish i could help u cause judging by your other ranks u seem to work pretty hard. What is it that you struggle with in English though? 4 me its probably essays :)
    hi :)

    just in regards to your thread, do you have a tutor for standard english?
    i don't get any tutoring, but from what i've seen from my friends it can really help :)
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