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    has the book been sold ozz^e? im keen to get it
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    Blackboard passwords

    yeah i was in the 8am ECMT lecture.. im planning on using my parents' laser printer at their work.. its decent and has good economy so i think itll work out just as cheap... minus the queue at copy centre.
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    re: gearing in the exam, the business will *likely* either be in a situation that is ** 'too risky', ie is being funded by an excessive amount of debt finance.... 3:1 or greater **'too safe', ie opposite to above - taking on more debt finance will allow greater rate of expansion with an...
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    i agree, the statements that you should be familiar with are: *Revenue Statement (Profit/Loss) *Balance Sheets *Cash Flow Statements
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    Financial Ratios

    g'day well youre second question im not entirely sure, ive gotten rid of my textbooks form last year, but the first one: 'net profit' in HSC business studies has nothing at all to do with tax; think simpler. net profit = gross profit - expenses where expenses are things like transport...
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    Blackboard passwords

    thanks zannaz if anyone is interested, the blackboard password you are assigned is the same as your birthday in the format: "ddmmyyyy"
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    Employer Presentations

    hey everyone. im wondering if anyone is planning to go to any of these, they are mostly in the first and second weeks. do many first year students go? or do you have to be super keen? does anyone know from experience what they are like? cheers
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    Blackboard passwords

    so has anyone received this yet? does blackboard have the lecture notes we can print ourselves or do we do it through the copy centre only? thanks
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    faculty welcome

    yeah i went, i wasnt expecting that kind of turn out but. did anyone go by themself? how did you go meeting people? i sat down outside at lunch and a couple of girls came and sat down for a chat, then another two fellas so i cant really complain oh and i was wearing a white-ish tshirt and...
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    haha my kind? i live in the Penrith area so dont get any funny ideas about me being a snob if thats what you think :D anywayy.. thanks for that, how about on High St? is the only other option to find a side street off yonder and walk it there?(besides public transport)
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    Hey guys and girls i figured you are the kind of people that would most likely know what the deal is with parking for events at the roundhouse. I'm driving to the dashboard confessional concert on Saturday 28th Feb, and was wondering if i'm able to park on the campus, or will the gates be...
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    CPA or CA ?

    from what i know, CA's are more recognised overseas and its what you need to get into the major accounting firms (KPMG, PWC etc) im choosing subjects which will allow me to eventually take both exams though
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    the manning bar (and others)

    hmm ok.. well it will only affect me during o-week (dob 6.3.86), ill give it a go anyway! i bought cases of beer at schoolies 5 times without being asked for i.d :D though it was mid-north coast of NSW not the gold coast :/ ultimate: did any of your underage friends get in to o-week events...
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    the manning bar (and others)

    hey this is mainly aimed at people already at sydney uni : are there bouncers at the manning bar etc that check that the poeple going in are 18+ ? im 18 in march but my friend is in August so im just curious about how strict they are about serving alcohol at locations on the campus... cheers!
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    Formals (yr12); Semi-Formals (yr11); Socials (yr10)

    haha minai stay away from them theyre mine! (..yes, BOTH of them :D)