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  1. mef90


    well my effin teacher taught us nothing...she was soooo awful! and as much as we tried to teach ourselves, it's just not the same. plus i had totally forgot that the exam was 100% of your mark for hospitality, and that rank and assessment marks dont count. ARGH! i came in first rank in my...
  2. mef90

    general mathematics MC answers

    ahhh no dude he was right...as you can clearly see he wrote... [3 A stem-and-leaf plat question, my answer is 24 which means it is 4. ]
  3. mef90

    ADF Gap Year

    adf gap year recruitment for 2009 stuffed me round big time. i did all the applying took ages for them to contact me so i eventually called them and they were like "oh sorry we dont know what happened there" so i then booked my you session and all that went down filled out everything, met the...
  4. mef90

    Party Job or Myer Xmas Casual?

    ooooh...others working as myer christmas casuals... what store are you at? where and when are your training days? and when are you all starting work? im at penrith myer starting december 1 hopefully and i have training at parra store on november 13th and penrith november 15th. please let me know.
  5. mef90

    Port Mac Schoolies 2008

    hi all.... we have a group of 14 of us staying in the same place opp. flynns beach from 23rd - 30th of november!!! WOO!!! cant wait! anyone else there these times?? x
  6. mef90

    Port Macquarie

    WOO! I didnt realise many people would go to port. but that seems awesomet that there is some large groups going. i agree its good coz its got a beach and its cheap, minus the drunkards, crowds and rediculous prices. so im also sold. im going with 7 friends atm.. trying to convince another group...
  7. mef90

    Amount of free periods?

    i have 12 a fornight.... (45, 50 or 55 minutes depending on what day) but ours are compulsory, we cant come to school late and cant leave during the day or sign out until after lunch. also ours are supervised and we HAVE to be in the library or senior study hall. we cant even sit outside its...
  8. mef90

    How good are your teachers?

    in VCAL???? what you mean?
  9. mef90

    Take Two: Holiday Plans

    yeh i do tooooo.... first 2 weeks back! EEEEEEEEK! so NOT looking forward to them, im so stuffed and stressing bout it real bad :cold: ahhhh..
  10. mef90

    How good are your teachers?

    english- he old and strange..relates everything back to his life, but he gave us his email address incase we need any extra help. pdhpe- he is hot...haha well i dont really think so but heaps of other girls do. over all he's a pretty good teacher, young and fit, fun classes. geography-...