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Recent content by mel85

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    Medical science as a preference?

    Why? where did u go? By the way, my name's Melissa
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    Medical science as a preference?

    Thanx dingo
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    Medical science as a preference?

    Who is actually considering going 2 campbelltown uws for medical science?
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    Rank and Mark

    Rank- 5th Mark- 86%
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    2003 HSC Marks

    Does anyone know whether food tech scales up or down???
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    I Am The First One Done!

    Well I think I'm stuffed...I did talk about OH&S but couldn't think of any others so I mentioned sumthing about 'equal opportunity' stuff & sumthing about unfair dismissal...hopefully I went ok in the rest of the exam!!!
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    government/legislation question???

    What did u guys put for the question which asked about government/legislation regarding working conditions? I put OH&S but couldn't think of any others!
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    Ratio Boy To Girl In Chem

    6 girls, 2 guys, and the girls are kicking the guy's asses!!!
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    I think its BaOH + HNO3 ----> BaNO3 + H20 (acid + base ----> salt + water) Thats what I put anyway
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    Chemistry of Art whine

    Believe me, there was plenty to talk about such as the uses of the pigments, why the pigments were suitable etc, etc, I managed 2 fill up a couple of pages! Most of it was waffle though!
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    How was it ??

    I totally agree...unlike the biology exam, the people who really knew their stuff will outshine the bullshitters!!!
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    question thats going 2 be in the test

    I think they've already tested comparing the heat of combustion of three alkanols???
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    Genetics the code broken

    Yeah i know...i didnt have a clue how 2 read off that stupid thing, i just tried 2 make an 'educated' guess, & guessed father 3 (probably wrong!!!)
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    Answers - Multiple Choice

    Ok, ok 13/15 then...sheesh!
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    Answers - Multiple Choice

    Oh well, 14/15 is ok!! :)