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  • ME TOO >_< gahh.
    i'll try to be on later today - but don't know when, today's pretty hectic with tutoring and working on a mod assessment TT_____TT.
    we sure can. $3.33 and 1/3 cents each [if my mental arithmetic is functioning x___x]

    LOL i have no idea how we're going to find 1/3 cent or 3 cents for that matter :haha:
    yups link me! pm me on BoS . i'm more likely to read it here than in my actual inbox [which may or may not be under surveillance by my mum.
    Awww, sorry sorry! I meant to go on your blog but I got caught up in an argument here about religion, and I can't walk away from arguments about religion so I got sidetracked ><;
    And now I have to go to bed T_T.
    But talk to you tomorrow! Be happy! Don't worry! <3.
    it's called repetition for emphasis haven't you learnt ANYTHING from english analyses? :p teeheeeheee

    edit: dammit you're right. your's is better x_____x'
    oi nublet, ever heard about anonymity over the net *facepalm*
    lol go edit ur post and get rid of the n word -glares-
    LOL. eh fine i'll go find a better sig. i just needed to justify my 99.95 atar aim coz my good friends on that L&R thread were saying i was probably 'trash' for having that aim etc.
    git. i knew it. [oh i rhymed haha] :p
    hahahhahaa you're so philosophical it's showing up here as well i went and stalked you on the interracial relos page LOL.
    LOL dude i don't have to guess who you are =.=
    the nutcracker/jimmy already told me roflmao. too bad . =]

    duuuude stop stealing my friends. actually yea it's funny how we both have the same three in common hahaha. niice i think i actually would've guessed it was you from ur dp. srsly woman ur 'undercover persona' needs work. :p
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