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  • Oh discussing post-exam is definitely something I can't help...and either raises or lowers self-esteem haha!!
    Oh well, you've got 2 more years for ICAS Science!! And considering it's out of Australia, we'll definitely have to step up as a state. I've got no more maths/science high school competitions forever, it's pretty sad...
    But at least you did well for Rio Tinto! :)
    And yeah, don't worry about AMC, I remember that I cried in Year 9 cause I did so badly and just felt terrible in Year 10, and still managed to get a prize...keep your hopes up!
    UMAT was good for me, but so many people said it was easy so...will have to wait until results come out.
    Hello! You probably know who I am... (see the 1st 3 letters of my username) but I actually stumbled upon your post about USyd's G&T haha and thought it might be you! haha. BoS is pretty cool!
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