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Recent content by miss-smexy

  1. miss-smexy

    Camp for Commerce Students!

    Just letting everyone know that the LAST week to buy camp tickets is next week!!! If you're interested please email josephine@ecfs.com.au - she'll be able to reserve tix for you!
  2. miss-smexy

    Camp for Commerce Students!

    Hi! ECFS is selling tickets from: Tuesday-Thursday 11.30am – 1.30pm Outside U@MQ Building (near the convenience store/post office)
  3. miss-smexy

    Camp for Commerce Students!

    ECFS CAMP 16th - 18th April (During Mid-sem break) $165 for 3 days, 2 nights Challenge Ranch Includes accomodation, travel, catering and DRINKS! Activities such as speed dating, sports, games, themed nights! So 'comm to camp'! :P Tickets can be bought at the ECFS O-Week stall. Any BOSers...
  4. miss-smexy

    law204 textbooks

    It is possible to get away with just the Principles book, but if you want to reference more cases when you get your assignments you'll need the case book (you could probably also easily get this at the library because it's not very popular since everyone usually already has a copy of it). If...
  5. miss-smexy

    Camp for Commerce Students!

    It's open to all commerce students, not just first years
  6. miss-smexy

    Camp for Commerce Students!

    Hi! Just letting anyone who's interested know that the Economics, Commerce & Finance Society (ECFS) (www.ecfs.com.au) is holding a camp this year. Visit the stall at O Week for more info! :)
  7. miss-smexy

    CA Achievers program - 2009

    has anyone got a reply yet or interview offers for this?
  8. miss-smexy

    Wanting to get more involved this year...

    lol yep the list is accurate. if you're interested in any groups, most of them are on facebook so u can also just search it up there to find out more info.
  9. miss-smexy

    2009 Macquarie Uni Offers / General Chatter

    Re: 2009 Macquarie Uni Offers how come? what course instead?
  10. miss-smexy

    proposed program form - Law

    Re: proposed program form ditto antisheep's advice. 4 subjects per sem, one of which will be law114 in first sem, then law115 in second.
  11. miss-smexy

    2009 Macquarie Uni Offers / General Chatter

    Re: 2009 Macquarie Uni Offers haha yeh you can pick your units already but on enrolment day they'll teach you exactly how to enrol in those specific units that you want. and dw it's unlikely you'll miss out, but if you're doing law make sure to enrol in ur law tutes because classes get full...
  12. miss-smexy

    GLP points

    ooh thanks for that info! is it hard to 'prove' that you were involved in activities?
  13. miss-smexy

    GLP points

    Hi! Just wondering how I can claim my points and is there a deadline for doing so for the activities that I did last semester? Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. miss-smexy

    Career in consultancy

    Just because you're majoring in Finance and Accounting doesn't mean you can't do consultancy - consultancy is definitely an area open to you (i've known a few people who have done that). If you get an internship in a firm and don't like the area you're actually in, you could request to be put in...
  15. miss-smexy

    Private Tutor - Chinese (Mandarin)

    Is UNSW the only area at which you'll teach?